FRC round up #20: Midsummer means more daylight hours for some (steamy) racing

The week of the longest day of the year was fêted with a number of events making the most of the extended daylight hours

The Bridges Relay teams post race (photo: Phil Reynolds)

As we hit the longest day of the year, race organisers have seen the opportunity to make the most of it with a range of Midsummer themed events. Hard to believe as we sit it the rain this week that only a few days ago we were battling 34 degree heat on our runs!

But battle you did, and valiantly so as you will see by the round up of super results we have this week!

Battersea park 5k

In the 30 degree heat this week our Battersea 5k team were back again on Monday for another fast and furious (and sweaty!) race around the park.

It clearly wasn’t going to be PB conditions but the team were nonetheless making the most of the fast course to clock up an extra speed session.

So well done to Ann Kristen, Judith, Laure and John for braving the conditions and representing the club!

The 5k series continues throughout the summer so is worth considering if you want to challenge your 5k PB.

  • Ann Kristen Mathiesen – 21:39
  • John Grigg – 25:58
  • Judith Clarkson – 27:30
  • Laure Selle – 32:26

Bridges Relay

FRC were out in force on Wednesday at the Bridges Relay in Westminister. Despite being a fairly last minute decision to enter, Captain Han managed to secure four team spaces for us that we filled.

Each leg of the race was 2.3miles (ie a bloody long way to sprint!) and considering the sun was still so strong at 7.30pm that people were applying suncream it was a tough race. “Hot and hard” to quote Leo Gebbie — which pretty much sums it up.

Thanks to Lorraine Kelsey, Andrew Han and Bob Empson for organising us all!

Noteworthy achievements that Bob has pointed out to me:

  • Lorraine, David and Rohan were all running in FRC vests for the first time — welcome to the madhouse to you all!
  • Our M40 men’s team are all actually in their 50s & 60s
  • It was really hot!

The event was really well attended by clubs from all over London, and congratulations to all who pulled out some pretty solid times despite the heat. The overall win went to the ‘Cottage’ Runners — an elusive club who don’t appear to have an internet presence. But I have heard rumours that to gain membership to them you have to prove you can run a sub-16 min 5k which would explain why they did so well!

So I think we did pretty well all things considered — and a particular shout out to our first Open Team who came 19th out of 120 teams.


Women’s’ Teams (33 teams)
17 Fulham 1 — 50:04 (Rosie, Amy, Sydnee) 
21 Fulham 2 — 52:24 (Lorraine, Katherine, Rachel)

Women’s individual results (167 runners)
65. Lorraine Kelsey 16:29
71. Rosie Waddington. 16:38
74. Sydnee Watlow 16:40
79. Amy Louise Tayler 16:46
103. Katherine Elmore-Jones 17:51
107. Rachel Fitzsimmons 18:03

Open Teams (men and/or women) (120 teams)
19 Fulham 3 — 54:49 (John W, Leo, Antime, Rohan)
91 Fulham 4 (M40)— 1:09:19 (Bob, David, John G, Andrew)

Men’s individual results (422 runners)
45. John Wray 0:12:47
92. Leo Gebbie 0:13:33
132. Rohan Cook 0:14:07
152. Anthime Flaus 0:14:23
257. David Cornock 0:16:01
281. Bob Empson 0:16:18
342. Andrew Fickling 0:17:33
392. John Grigg 0:19:26

Laverado Ultra trail

Most people would be delighted to simply go walking in the beautiful scenery of the Italian Dolomites in June and take in the vistas before enjoying some pizza, gelato and an ice cold beer.

Not Amy, Nigel and Phil who instead were racing over some incredibly tough terrain in the Laverado Ultra Trail and the Cortina Trail in Cortina D’Ampezzo this weekend.

The stunning Dolomites (Photo: Phil Reynolds)

The eleventh edition of The North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail started from the centre of Cortina at 11pm on Friday evening. Running through the night, for a full, hot day, and well into Saturday night as well, the participants took on a gruelling 119 km with 5850m of ascent.

Then on Saturday morning, the sixth edition of the Cortina Trail started from Corso Italia in Cortina. The 1500 competitors for this race had a strict 12 hours to cover the 48km circular route including 2600 m of ascent, which follows the first 10 and last 38 km of the longer LUT path.

Amy and Nigel at the start of the Cortina Trail (photo: Nigel Shekleton, Facebook)

50k is, as previously mentioned, a popular distance for Miss Capper — although the elevation profile on this one took it to a whole new level!

For those who missed it, Phil did a great round up of what he learnt on his way round on the Facebook page which you can read below:

Thanks FRC family for the positive vibes. Great to know you were having a good old chuckle at my progress whilst I was out there. I got well and truly schooled by the Lavaredo and it showed the cracks in my lack of training, prep and research of the course. I had the same stomach, lack of fuel issues as everyone else but let it all get the better of me except for a few moments of madness when pain killers kicked in and I thought I was Kilian Jornet.
The beauty of the peaks that surround Cortina D’ampezzo are impossible to describe, so I’ll just leave it to you to visit and see for yourself why it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site, but when I was awake enough to look around I felt privileged to be out there.
Things I learned:
1. Italians love lycra (and being made up of 50% Italians, I saw A LOT)
2. They don’t serve coffee at checkpoints to my dismay, presumably because instant coffee is sacrilegious
3. The standard of ‘Middle of the Pack’ mountain runners in Europe is much higher and so in a race of 1600 you have to prepare for staring at someone’s arse (usually lycra clad) for 25 hrs
4. When low, amusing yourself with competitors names can really lift spirits (Stefano Testi and Jun Wang being my highlights)
5. Buy new trail shoes (2013 Salomons are closer to a bowling shoe than a running shoe)
6. A 20cm long profile printout of a 120km race doesn’t do distances and ascents justice so pay no attention to it as you end up throwing your toys out of your pram at every climb
7. Learn some Italian — only meeting 3 English speakers made 25hrs a fairly lonely time
8. Sticks can look like snakes and even after 100km I can jump quite high when startled :)
9. Finally… Say thank you — All the volunteers and mountain rescue teams like our races over in the UK give up their time for these events and it only takes 2 seconds. All done!! Thank you

Amazing effort from all three, and I’m definitely not jealous at all…

Cortina Trail (48 km 2.600 m+)

  • Nigel Shekleton — 5:47:42
  • Amy Capper — 7:24:57

Laverado Trail (119 km, 5.850 m+ ascent)

  • Phil Reynolds — 25:14:47

London Inter Club Challenge — Round one

John Devoy was back at the track at Allianz Park this weekend, participating in the 800m, 400m and 1500m events — now that’s a heavy day!

John reports; “Yeah, that did feel a bit heavy! Lungs were fine, legs were complaining after the 400… 2:12, 59, 4:50 for the three — nothing spectacular, but a reasonable series in windy conditions and a good warm-up for the 1500m at Watford on Wednesday.”

The track beckons (photo: John Devoy)

The ‘London Inter Club Challenge’ (LICC) is a series of four meetings put on during the summer at Allianz Park and Lee Valley Athletics Centre. The meetings are organised by the two member clubs, Achilles Club, and Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers. All athletes are welcome to take part and the next meet is 29th July.

Race to the King

Seriously — is there anything stopping these two super humans? Another weekend, ANOTHER ULTRA! This time a 53 mile route along the South Downs Way, starting at the Slindon Estate near Arundel and finishing at Winchester Cathedral.

As ever, the boys were both captured having a whale of a time as they picked their way along the ridge of chalk hills and finished together comfortably under 12 hours.

  • Leo Palazzuoli — 11:36:35
  • James Coleman — 11:36:37

Sri Chimnoy 10k

It was a good morning's work at Sri Chimnoy 10k on Saturday with Luke Peel storming home in 7th place at 36.10 and John Grigg on the podium in second place for Vets 60. Pictured below, victorious with their mango prizes!

Katherine also managed to come in comfortably under 50 minutes in a smashing 10k time.

Mangos all round (photos: Katherine E-J)
  • Luke Peel — 00:36:10
  • Katherine Elmore-Jones — 00:48:49
  • John Grigg — 00:53:52

Elstree and Borehamwood festival run

Well done to Bryn for a first place finish at the Elstree and Borehamwood Festival Run! From what I can work out, the Festival fun run is actually a Council takeover of the Aldenham Country Park parkrun as part of their Annual Civic Festival.

Seems like a great opportunity being used for a Council to get behind their local parkrun which is great to see.

Bryn takes first man (photo: Bryn jones)

Boxhill sunset trail series

This weekend was the Salomon Sunset Series in Surrey which saw Andrew Han, Andrew Dewar, Derek Clark , Kira Taylor, Lydia Davis and Laure Selle all take on the infamous Box Hill.

Laure reports; “Lot of uphill, not enough downhill, showers and an evasive sunset; all in all, an enjoyable running event”. Fabulous effort from all, especially Laure who only completed her first 10k last week!

The results seem to show that while being called Stuart, Tom or Nick makes you pretty fast, apparently being called Andy makes you really good at going uphill. I am claiming there is definitely causation here and am off to change my name right now.

  • Andrew Dewar — 00:49:15
  • Andrew Han — 00:49:33
  • Kira Taylot — 01:16:16
  • Lydia Davis — 01:23:00
  • Laure Selle — 01:34:20

Midsummer Monroe

At 8am on Sunday, a bumper field of 180 runners started out in mercifully cool conditions to attempt the 14th Midsummer Munro, Britain’s hardest half marathon. According to the site, not all were to return: Some cramps and common sense prevailed and there were a number of drop-outs.

Ilsuk is a returnee to this race and his 48th position and 2:21 time was a 10-minute improvement over last year, although he reports that this year’s conditions were more favourable.

The race is billed as a “gratuitously difficult” (ultra) half marathon with over 3000 feet of climb — sounds like something just up your average FRC bandit’s street :) And if anyone is masochistic enough, Ilsuk also points out that every other year is the Picnic Marathon, which is the Munro twice… one of some of you next year!

  • Ilsuk Han — 2:21:10

Beat the Boat 10k

The Beat the Boat 10k gets its name from three pace boats — at 40, 50 and 60 minutes — which transport spectators for the race. This means supporters can cheer on the runners, and it gives participants some handy targets to beat.

Leo says that the event was an absolute cracker and one he’d highly recommend for next year. He reports:

The route was scenic, setting off and finishing in front of Windsor Castle, although not especially fast as it was mostly off-road. It could well be renamed the Theresa May 10k next time as about 75% of it seemed to be spent running through fields… There was a great atmosphere around the day, and it seemed ideal for everyone from competitive runners to those enjoying a social run (aided by the prosecco and beer at the 4.5km pit stop)! All in all a really enjoyable race, and pretty pleased with my efforts as the solo FRC runner!

You’ll also be pleased to know that Leo DID beat the boats, as well as all but four other runners to take a stunning 5th place finish. So well done Leo!

  • Leo Gebbie – 00:37:26

Isle of Wight Speedway

Carolyn was down on the Isle of Wight this weekend, taking on the Brading 10k — a race organised by the local Ryde Harriers.

It was a hot and windy race, but Carolyn did brilliantly to finish in 49:30 to come 68th overall and 3rd in her age category!

Carolyn gets ready and with the bling (photos: Alex Zimmerman)
  • Carolyn Zimmerman — 0:49:30


Fulham Palace parkrun

A total of 379 runners took part this week. Stonking PB for Daphne and Jonathan RW – hurrah for you both! – and cracking efforts from this week’s volunteers. FRC names I recognise on the voluncheer list were: Eliza GAFFNEY, Leo GEBBIE, Bob LYNAM, Julia MITCHELMORE, Thomas RIDDELL-WEBSTER and Laure SELLE. Thanks for making sure Parkrun can take place guys!

Johnathan on his way to a new PB!

Aldenham parkrun

  • Bryn JONES — 00:18:45 — 1st place! (And trophy :) )

Brockwell parkrun, Herne Hill

Bury St Edmunds parkrun

Croxteth Hall parkrun

Old Deer Park parkrun

Pollok parkrun, Glasgow

Richmond parkrun

Wimbledon Common parkrun

Wormwood Scrubs parkrun

Andy has promised me a quieter week next week, so I fully expect everyone to take that as a personal challenge and get out to race as many things as possible :)

There were also some amazing feats in various triathlons, duathlons, aquathlons and open water swims this week — but in favour of my sanity I haven’t opted to include them as I would be too busy writing this report to do any running! Well done to all those who did take part in those events however, while I don’t pretend to understand doing anything other than running I’ve heard you all did pretty well!

The report is based on a mixture of the Fulham Running Club Facebook page, Strava group and the parkrun consolidated results report. PBs are gathered from people telling me about them and some from Power of Ten, but if you (or someone you know) did get a particularly good time it is worth dropping me a note to let me know as I don’t check them all.

Now looking to the future, a guide to what’s coming up from Andy:

This week (relatively quiet!)
1/7 Runnymede Relays

Next week
5/7 Final Wimbledon Trail Series 8miles
6/7 FRC Club Run + Post Run Social — Pizza Time
8/7 Two Bridges Pub Crawl
9/7 Second Sunday 5

… and beyond
15/7 Surrey Road League
21/7 Soar Summer Mile
23/7 Surrey Road League
24/7 Battersea Mile Relays
28/7 Wedding Day 7k. Entry is open and will sell out. Friday night racing plus picnic 
Various Regular 5–10k race as part of the London Sri Chinmoy races Battersea Park.

So there you have it for another week. Keep up the good work team and get your stripes out and wear them with pride.

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