FRC round up #21: An All-Wight weekend, Racing the Runnymede Relays and Skiddadling round Skiddaw

It’s not about you joggers who go round and round and round… Oh hang on, yes it is!

Team intervals are go! (Photo: Rick Cannon)

We’ve hit July and it seems like holiday season is upon us as there was a bit less racing this week – although intervals this week seem to have had a bumper turn out as a result!

Runnymede relays

On Saturday, six Fulham runners were out in Windsor Great Park to form a team for the Runnymede Runners’s Relay event.

Calling themselves ‘Fulham’s Finest’ our bandits nipped around the course in a very fine sub-3-hour marathon time between them — finishing in 12th place out of a total 54 teams!

Legs 1, 3 and 5 were 5.25 miles and taken on by Sophie, Richard and Alex. The even legs were 2.75 miles and were covered by Carolyn, Stephanie and Amy.


Leg 1 Sophie Kirk — 36:40 (17th)
Leg 2 Carolyn Zimmermann — 20:56 (total — 57:36 and 17th)
Leg 3 Richard Gayton — 39:25 (total — 01:37:01 and 19th)
Leg 4 Stephanie Muzzall — 21:18 (total — 1:58:19 and 16th)
Leg 5 Alex Zimmerman — 34:03 (total — 2:32:22 and 12th)
Leg 6 Amy Capper — 19:03 (total — 2:51:25 and 12th)

  • 02:51:25 — Fulham’s Finest — 12th

Skiddaw fell race

Cat Simpson was back on the trails this weekend in what I believe may have been her first race since her epic performance at GUCR.

At just shy of 10 miles this was perhaps a shorter race than Cat is used to, but as a proper fell running event I’m sure the terrain was nothing less than a challenge!

  • Cat Simpson — 1:36:32

Round the Island Ultra

On Friday night, three intrepid FRCers packed their bags and boarded a train bound for Southampton. After a short ferry ride they alighted on the Isle of Wight and were met by the friendly race organisers from Extreme Energy who shuttled them up to the school in Cowes that would be their hotel for the night.

Pre-race carb-loading (photo: Lorraine Kelsey)

A few beers later (Ilsuk spared no time tracking down a beer tent) and it was soon time to bed down on the gym floor to the sound of nigh on 100 other runners’ snoring.

The next morning involved a fairly prompt breakfast and packing up of bags before a ‘free’ bonus mile jog to the start line of the 70 mile Round the Island race. A boat ferried runners across the estuary where they were soon off to cover 38 miles to the Brightstone Holiday Centre on the southern side of the island.

The views along the coast were lovely (photo: Lorraine Kelsey)

It was a stunning route, but not without it’s challenges as there was a fair amount of climbing and a vicious South Westerly for the last 8 miles or so. At times the route involved some slightly tricky instructions to follow, but all of us made it to the end in good time for dinner and a swim in the pool and none of us won the coveted prize for most miles covered (incidentally, the winning total was 42!).

No ice baths, but a good swim helped (photo: Sydnee Watlow)

No one was late to their tent Saturday night as Sunday morning we were up to start over again and cover the remaining 32 miles back to Cowes.

It was a long, hot slog and I definitely learnt that just because you have run the distance once does not mean it gets any easier (unless you are Lorraine that is, who appeared to simply skip around gleefully like a Pixie on Fairy Dust as if it was a mere parkrun!).

The beauty of the scenery and the sense of accomplishment made it worthwhile, but ultimately a two day event is a whole different ball game that personally I found strangely harder than just pressing through in one go.

Special congratulations to Ilsuk for coming second in his age category in 13 hours 45. I also managed third in my age category an hour behind him and Lorraine came in fourth — although particularly noteworthy is her second day for which she came in second in the women’s open category!

Also special mention to Cat’s Dad – Keith Simpson – who was also running — and who I hold personally responsible for me doing this event! Keith convinced me to enter when we were talking at the finish line of GUCR and spent much of day two this weekend trying to talk me into entering the Pony Express later this year :) But it’s always the same with races, it’s always a resounding no… until one day, and you aren’t really sure how, it’s a yes.

Day one:

  • Ilsuk Han — 07:16:37
  • Sydnee Watlow — 07:47:56
  • Lorraine Kelsey (pacing) — 08:56:48

Day two:

  • Lorraine Kelsey — 06:12:17
  • Ilsuk Han — 06:29:06
  • Sydnee Watlow — 06:57:40


  • Ilsuk Han — 13:45:43 — 15th and 2nd in Age Category
  • Sydnee Watlow — 14:45:36
  • Lorraine Kelsey — 15:09:05


Fulham Palace parkrun

A huge FRC turn out this week. It was Laure’s first time at FP parkrun, Alice and Jonathan Riddell-Webster both set fabulous new PBs, as did Rachael and Richard, Lizzy, Daphne and Matthew!

Rick Cannon deploys the selfie (Photo: Rick Cannon)

Thanks to this week’s volunteers, of which FRC members were: Ben THORNTON • Bob LYNAM • Eliza GAFFNEY • Jennie FARMER • Rick CANNON • Stuart FARMER • Ted TOWNSEND • Thomas DALEY. Want to help out? See parkrun’s volunteer page for details on getting involved in making Fulham Palace parkrun happen.

Brockwell parkrun, Herne Hill

Parkrun tourism to Brockwell Park was followed by lido swim for team FRC this week. Congrats to Nick - just pipped to the win by the World Vet55 Masters champion and Max who just held off a Junior Age 11–14 in a tight sprint finish! (And thanks to Rose for the report :) )

Bury St Edmunds parkrun

It was a tenth place finish and only 13 seconds off his best time for Nat at Bury St Edmunds.

Hereford parkrun

Osterley parkrun

Three FRC bandits were touring at Osterley for the first time ever. Tomoko kept Henri on his toes but allowed him to beat her by 10 seconds in the end.

Poole parkrun

A total of 577 runners took part this week. Stewart took second place overall and Andy Han set a new PB for this course — and also a new parkrun PB for any course I believe! Smashing running Andy!

Wimbledon Common parkrun

James joined a total of 405 runners for his first attempt at Wimbledon parkrun — probably in training for this Wednesday’s trail run :)

So there you have it. Another week, another Ultra (will next week finally only be normal distances??) and another smashing set of parkrun results.

See you all at Wimbledon tonight for some Womble hunting at the third event in the Wimbledon trail series and don’t forget pizza on Thursday night after the run!

WHAT’S COMING UP? (From our Captain)

This week

5/7 Final Wimbledon Trail Series
6/7 FRC Club Run + Post Run Social Pizza Time
8/7 Two Bridges Pub Crawl
9/7 Second Sunday 5

… and beyond

15/7 Surrey Road League
16/7 Social Climbing in Parsons Green
21/7 Soar Summer Mile
23/7 Surrey Road League
24/7 Battersea Mile Relays
28/7 Wedding Day 7k. Entry is open and will sell out. Friday night racing plus picnic.

All events here:

#FRC #runlikeyoustoleit #runracecheer

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