FRC round up #32: Berlin and Loch Ness Marathons, Ealing, Scottish and Windsor Halves, Surrey Hills Challenge 60k, Lone Gull 10k and a Club Birthday

Bandits toppled their personal bests in style this week, in order to celebrate our lovely club turning 13 years old!

Celebrations at Fulham Palace parkrun for the birthday weekend

Berlin marathon

Congratulations to all the bandits who were out in Berlin this weekend. It was a grey and drizzly morning on Sunday but perfect weather for a fast race on what is known to be a fast PB course.

And the results really were just breathtaking. Andrew Dewar took a jaw-dropping 16 minutes off an already amazing time. Paul managed to get his coveted good for age in sub 3:01 and Emily skipped round to take yet another nearly ten minutes off her fantastic marathon time from Manchester.

Julia continued her marathon year of marathons to chip another few minutes off her best and Daphne celebrated her birthday by finishing her first marathon in a comfortable Boston Qualifying time with Jacqui only two seconds behind her!

Zoe didn’t quite manage the time she was hoping for, but still managed a PB which she says she isn’t going to sniff at, and Jo was pleased with how she did and most of all she enjoyed the race.

I can only assume that currywurst and beer are the rocket fuel of Fulham Running Club!

As for me, my race didn’t exactly go to plan (it turns out the second half of a marathon is reeeeeeeeally long if you’ve gone out at an overly ambitious pace!!) — but it was a great experience nonetheless, and a privilege to witness so many fantastic achievements first hand. Congratulations to you all!

  • Andrew Dewar —02:52:04 — 16 min PB!
  • Paul Quilter — 03:00:57 — PB!
  • Emily Clarke —03:20:16 — PB!
  • Julia Mitchellmore — 03:28:41 — PB!
  • Daphne Dadzie —03:39–06 — First marathon!
  • Jacqui Gurr — 03:39:08
  • Sydnee Watlow — 03:47:43
  • Zoe Keddie — 04:08:58 — PB!
  • Jo Hensman — 04:23:36

Loch Ness Marathon

With the strap line ‘Training prepares you for the race, but nothing will prepare you for the views’, it sounds like this is a stunner of an event to add to the bucket list.

The FAQs also include; ‘Q: Will I see Nessie? A: Maybe aye, maybe nae.’ Make sure you grab Drummond at a club run sometime soon to ask if he caught a glimpse on his way round!

  • Drummond Gilbert — 04:35:39

Surrey Hills Ultra

Ann-Kristin Mathiesen says she had an amazing day out this weekend at this 60km Ultra just outside of London, although she does concede that the never ending up hills and steep downhills made it fairly challenging! (Strange that!)

It was also a great result, as overall she came 4th female in a finish time of 7.41.30!

Fabulous. Well dones Ann-Kristin!

Ealing half

“Go Fulham!” shouted this fellow as he coasted past me around mile 10. Seeing he had the stripes on, I also responded with “yes, go Fulham,” followed by “…errr, what’s your name?” “Richard — Ricard Morris!” came the answer. There are 3 likely reasons why I failed to recognise Richard: 1) my brain was well and truly oxygen deprived 2) Richard had his eyeglasses in his hand 3) this fellow was faster than me — it couldn’t be Richard! But beat me soundly he did. Well done Richard Morris and the rest of FRC at Ealing.
- as told by Ilsuk

Unfortunately the results are rather hard to navigate so we only have Ilsuk’s word for it that Mr Morris did indeed beat him. But I can’t imagine he will have made it up!

For her part, Emma reports of her race;

Slightly unexpected PB, but then Ealing is my hometown and my mum was out supporting. Also it’s amazing how quickly your legs get pumping when you spot a former teacher/neighbour/classmate whom you have no desire to stop & chat to 😂.

Well done as well to Maddy Marriage, Robert Pritchard-Jones and Chris Cooper who also ran but whose results I also couldn’t easily find so they don’t feature below. Sorry if there were also others!

  • Ilsuk HAN — 1:38:27
  • Rhianon WEST — 1:41:59.4
  • Emma LESS — 1:49:40 — PB!
  • Tomoko KIKUCHI — 1:50:14

Scottish half

Up in bonny Scotland and the lovely Bob Empson recorded a new PB this weekend at the Scottish half marathon near Edinburgh: running 1:34:46 to come 202nd overall and 6/74 in his age group. Woohoo!

Bob says: “I had pretty much given up on improving on my PB of 1:36:30 from Feb 2014… but I haven’t totally wilted with age yet!

“I really recommend this race for a fast time (downhill/flat) and superb bling 😉 and shirt! Thanks for all FRC support and encouragement with recent training!!”

  • Bob Empson — 1:34:46 — PB!

Windsor half

To round up the half marathons for the weekend, Richard and Stephanie were over in Windsor Great Park taking on the Windsor Half — although they were both running without Fulham as their clubs so they nearly passed by my radar!

This race claims to be ‘The most picturesque in the UK’, but it doesn’t say who was the judge or how they decided it — so I’ll be keen to hear if these guys agree with such a bold statement!

Well done to Richard for a very solid performance in 1:36, and also to Stephanie who only gave her legs a week after her marathon in Oslo to recover before taking on her next race!

  • Richard Gayton — 01:36:27
  • Stephanie Muzzall — 01:46:03

Lone Gull 10k

She may have moved to Boston, and she may have also run under another club’s name (shock, horror!!!) but she’s still a bandit to us and Rose was racing a local 10k at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester this weekend on what proved to be quite a hot day. The competition was stiff but Rose put on a good show, especially considering the heat, finishing well under 38 minutes.

Rose also reported that FRC are now internationally famous, after someone at the event approached her and asked— “did you say you’re from Fulham Running Club? Is that the black and white stripes — because I saw them at the reykjavik marathon”!

  • Rose Penfold — 37:44

Parkfun Birthday celebrations!

Fulham Palace parkrun

A total of 463 runners took part at the FRC birthday celebrations this weekend. 35 of whom were FRC runners. The club was also represented by Andrew HAN. • Bob LYNAM. • John WRAY. • Laure SELLE. • Thomas DALEY. • Tomoko KIKUCHI who volunteered this week. Have you volunteered at parkrun yet? If not then think about giving it a go — it’s only thanks to the volunteers that we can have the event to take part in!

Well done to Ant and Axelle for new PBs at Fulham, and to Natalie and Sophie for their PBs whilst parkrunning on tour! I also think this was a post-baby PB for Emma – hurrah!

  • Nick MARRIAGE — 00:16:56–1st!
  • Stewart MCANDIE — 00:17:24
  • Kelly HETHERINGTON — 00:18:28–1st lady!
  • Christopher COOPER — 00:18:45
  • Andrew HAN — 00:18:46
  • Marcin BUJAR — 00:19:22
  • Phil REYNOLDS — 00:19:27
  • Charles CRAVEN — 00:19:29
  • Amer ISMAIL — 00:19:49
  • Cosmo CRAVEN — 00:19:50
  • Alice RIDDELL-WEBSTER — 00:20:00
  • Leo GEBBIE — 00:20:09
  • Ant COOPER — 00:20:17 — PB!
  • Cos CONSTANTINOU — 00:20:20
  • Maddy MARRIAGE – 00:22:22
  • Emma WARNER — 00:22:55 – post-baby PB!
  • Chris MYATT — 00:23:09
  • Christian SLIEKER — 00:23:26
  • Eddie BAGAYAWA — 00:23:44
  • Jess RIDOUT — 00:23:49
  • Amy TAYLER — 00:23:49
  • Matthew SLADE — 00:24:25
  • Stephanie TOLLEMACHE — 00:24:38
  • Richard SIMPSON — 00:25:06
  • Lorraine KELSEY — 00:25:17
  • Emma LESS — 00:25:36
  • Alexandra RIDDELL-WEBSTER — 00:25:42
  • John GRIGG — 00:26:08
  • Alex ZIMMERMANN — 00:26:30
  • Carolyn ZIMMERMANN — 00:26:31
  • Eliza GAFFNEY — 00:26:45
  • Axelle CHARLET — 00:27:11 — PB!
  • Katherine ELMORE-JONES — 00:27:35
  • Henri PLACEK — 00:27:36
  • Jonathan RIDDELL-WEBSTER — 00:27:37
  • Diane MULHOLLAND — 00:29:16

Wimbledon Common parkrun

  • Tariq BUGAIGHIS – 00:21:04

Richmond parkrun

  • Judith CLARKSON – 00:29:48

Pollok parkrun, Glasgow

  • Yolande JOUBERT – 00:28:57

Edinburgh parkrun

  • Bob EMPSON – 00:28:13

Brockwell parkrun, Herne Hill

  • Max TOLLEMACHE – 00:18:39
  • Nicholas THOMAS – 00:26:10

Sheffield Hallam parkrun

  • James William LEE – 00:22:20

Whitley Bay parkrun

  • Natalie CARROLL – 00:21:49–2nd lady and PB!

Gunnersbury parkrun

  • Richard GAYTON – 00:21:16

Worcester Pitchcroft parkrun

  • Lizzy PATERSON – 00:21:52

Walsall Arboretum parkrun

  • Andrew STRINGER – 00:19:02
  • Sophie Roanna KIRK — 00:20:11–1st lady and PB!

Mile End parkrun

  • Philip HICKSON – 00:22:17

Dulwich parkrun

  • Stuart MACDOUGALL – 00:17:29

Westerfolds parkrun

  • Jared KITNEY – 00:22:16

Hereford parkrun

  • Jonathan CHAMBERS — 00:22:01

So there you have it for another week! Autumn marathon season is well upon us now so keep an eye out for what I’m sure will be some more excellent results in coming weeks, and most of all don’t forget to keep smiling. As Richard Gayton reminded me this week, races are of course important but they can also be considered the victory laps for the training you put in before hand – so don’t forget to enjoy the journey to the start line as much as the big day itself!

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