FRC round up #5 — Spring has sprung and half marathons are still being run aplenty

This week saw FRC runners compete in the Thames Meander full and half marathons; the North London, Bath, Surrey, Silverstone and Wrexham half marathons; the Second Sunday 5 and parkrun. Not much then.

Spot the odd one out at the Second Sunday 5 (photo: Alice RW)

Well hello there you lovely people. It seems that while I was off sunning myself in warmer climes and watching the Barcelona marathon (where Bekele set a new course record for the women and a Paralympian pacer running his first ever 26.2 ended up winning – all very exciting stuff!), you were determined to give me something to write about and entered ALL THE RACES in order to do so. There was a much more local feel this week with most events fairly close to home but there’s still a lot to cover so let’s get down to business…

Thames Meander

The weekend kicked off with the Hermes Running Thames Meander event on Saturday with a half and full marathon option on the cards.

The marathon is a flat, scenic riverside trail marathon starting and finishing at the YMCA Hawker Centre HQ — ‘meandering’ along the Thames Path between Canbury Gardens and Barn Elms Rowing Club. The half marathon starts in the opposite direction to the marathon and meanders as far as Kew Gardens before turning back.

But it seemed the meander memo missed the FRC contingent and my sources tell me that Nick came a close 4th in the marathon (in 2:58) – despite having run 12.5kms to get to the start. As you do. Shrugs. Maddy for her part ran the half marathon at the end of her long run, managing a comfortable 1:55 which she tells me wasn’t as fast as she’d hoped but she was pleased with given the humidity.

Emily was also tagging on extra mileage this weekend so I’m guessing must be mighty pleased with her 1:44 effort, and Laura came in well under 2 hours to make up a very strong field for the club overall.

If only you got a medal for every long run in training! (photo: Maddy Marriage)

Half Marathon (full results):

  • EMILY CLARKE — 01:44:55
  • MADDY MARRIAGE — 01:55:44
  • LAURA GRIGG — 01:57:28

Full Marathon (full results):

  • NICK MARRIAGE— 02:58:03

Vitality North London Half

Moving on to Sunday now where the Vitality North London Half kicked off nice and early at 8.30am. This is a race from stadium to stadium – from Wembley to Saracens’ Allianz Park and then back again – with runners entering the stadium at Wembley at the end to be cheered over the line by the spectators. I can only imagine this must have made for a pretty spectacular ending to a race!

Drinking in the roar of the crowds at the stadium finish (photo: Ilsuk Han)

Two FRC bandits ventured North out of our south-west comfort zone and I hear it wasn’t actually too traumatic with some friendly local parkrun volunteers helping out on the day meaning there were even familiar faces to be seen. Ilsuk was 4 minutes off his PB but happy considering he hadn’t trained specifically and if you are considering this one in the future I also hear it isn’t that flat…

  • Ilsuk Han — 1:36:19
  • Christopher Shaw — 2:36:40


Second Sunday 5

Another month has gone by and it was time again this weekend for the Second Sunday 5 at Wimbledon common. Always popular with the club, there was much drama reported this month including;

Do I really have to give it back? (photo: Bob Empson)
  • Maddy earning her T-shirt for her sixth 2nd Sunday
  • Bob getting his too… but then having to give it back!
  • A DNF from John after a valiant attempt to run despite not being very well
  • Tariq opting to make it more challenging by hurdling dogs on the way round
  • Andy coughing his way past the other runners and scaring them off with his germs
  • Daphne tearing it up the toast rack and leaving Bob for dust

Reports from Bob are that the problem with his calf that caused him to drop out is not too serious and he is only off Games for a few days – so next month that t-shirt should be his and they are just looking after it for him for a bit longer. Soon Bob!

  • Nick Marriage — 32.03 (1st)
  • Andrew Han — 34.56
  • Alice Riddell-Webster — 35.29 (2nd lady)
  • Amer Ismail — 38.12
  • Tariq Bugaighis — 38.20
  • Maddy Marriage — 39.49
  • Jonathan Chambers — 39.50
  • Daphne Dadzie — 43.14
  • John Grigg — 46.30

Results are coming:

Surrey Half

Also on Sunday morning it was starters orders over at the Surrey half marathon where Jacob and Vicki were lined up and raring to go.

Well done to Vicki for her first half marathon race after the best part of a year off running with a stress fracture – and with an excellent time to top it off! And a solid effort from Jacob as a training run for the marathon.

  • Jacob Miller — 1:26:34
  • Vicki Solly — 1:41:39

Results online

Bath Half

There was drama and anger as 700 runners missed out on their medals at Bath, but not so for Stuart, Ben and Richard as they all whizzed round before they ran out!

Stuart was following the extra milage theme this week and put in a solid 10 mile run to the start before trotting out a marathon pace effort for the 13 miles which he was very pleased with. Robert was running his first half marathon and was feeling under trained, but was buoyed by the support he got as a result of wearing his Fulham vest which he was giving its first outing. Ben was without Nolly this week but here’s a gratuitous picture of her, just because she’s lovely:

You mean…you’re going to do this race without me?
  • Stuart Farmer — 01:17:22
  • Ben Thornton — 01:26:49
  • Robert Prichard-Jones — 02:05:33
Robert gives his FRC vest it’s first airing (photo: Bath Half)

Check out the full results here

Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon

The Silverstone half marathon is a traffic-free route around the F1 circuit with a big focus on pacing. The first three miles are on the F1 circuit then runners make a loop, which incorporates the Club and International circuits and the outer service road, before finishing with a final two-and-a-half mile lap of the F1 circuit in the reverse direction. Racing-car noises as you go are optional (but encouraged).

Well done to Ross for this great effort.

  • Ross McKellar — 02:26:26

Full results:

Wrexham Half marathon

And finally, down in Cymru this weekend was the Wrexham marathon festival with all of the courses boasting PB potential. For his part Richard took on the half representing “Clwb Rhedeg Ffwlwm” in 1:51.

Da iawn Richard!

  • Richard Simpson — 1:51:24

Results here:

This week’s Parkrun round up

Fulham Palace parkrun

A total of 394 runners took part this week and I can see two new PBs in the results! Whoop whoop!

Brockwell parkrun, Herne Hill

Dulwich parkrun

Greenpoint parkrun

The Cap Argus cycle race that was due to take part the following day was unfortunately cancelled due to gale-force winds so I was kind of expecting the parkrun to have looked like this:

When actually it looked like this:

Cape Town is a long way to go for a parkrun but it looks like it might be worth the trip! (photo: Phil Reynolds)

Not jealous. Nope. Never. Not at all. Not even in the slightest.

Gunnersbury parkrun

Osterley parkrun

Richmond parkrun

Wimbledon Common parkrun

Other news:

Don’t forget the inaugural FRC Boat Race at 9am on 26th March — check out the Facebook event for more details. Bones have been broken to ensure that this race goes ahead so give it your support! And buy the lovely Andy Stringer a beer when you see him to cheer him up while he’s in a sling – get better soon Andy!

The results for this report were pulled from a combination of the Facebook group, the FRC Strava group and the parkrun consolidated club results. If you, or another runner, competed this weekend in something that I missed and want to be included then get in touch and I can add you in.

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