Tostitos Says No To Drinking and Driving

Tostitos “Party Safe Bag” via YouTube

Tostitos came out with a very moving advertisement that aired during the 2017 Super Bowl. The advertisement showcases a new Tostitos chip bag they came out with that has a form of breathalizer on the outside of the bag. This was created in hopes of educating those drinking, to drink responsibly and to not drink and drive.

This particular advertisment is targeting those who will participate in drinking alcoholic beverages. The commercial’s tone is very serious to express to the viewers how important it is to drink responsibly.

The first half of the advertisement is telling a story about previous drinking and driving experiences people have faced. Tostitos finally identifies itself about half way through the commercial. They show their logo, followed by a casual demonstration of how the breathalizer chip bag works. At this time they begin to talk about some features the bag has to offer including a code to catch an Uber if you “fail” the breathalizer.

This particular advertisement does an amazing job at telling a story. I believe this ad does have all five-acts defined in narrative structure. Because this ad is on more of a serious note, the steps of narrative structure are introduced in a steady and calm nature. The ad slowly builds up to the climax and then slowly climbs down to the resolution.

Keith A. Quesenberry’s, former advertising copywriter, did extensive research on what factors made Super Bowl ads successsful. His findings concluded that advertisments that used more acts in the five-act structure were more successful. The Tostitos ad follows along with the five-act structure which is a contributing factor to its success according to Quesenberry’s findings.

The main factor that makes this particular Tostitos advertisment so successful is that it is completely different from what they have done before. Focusing on drinking responsibly for a chip ad is very unique angle for the product. Inventing a breathalizer on a chip bag is simply genious. They are able to target an entirely different audience. After trying to compare and contrast a similar Tostitos ad with the “Party Safe Bag” was impossible. They have not come up with a commercial with such serious material.

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