Earlier this week, Pepsi released a commercial depicting Kendall Jenner defusing a standoff between police officers and protesters by giving one of the officers a can of Pepsi.
Can you really boycott Pepsi?
Griffin Scott Yerian

Honestly, I find it amusing that Kendall Jenner can pretend she actually cares about current events and huge issues such as the one portrayed in the commercial. As we learned in class the world is obsessed with celebrity and spectacle. The Kardashian/Jenner family is a big example of this. They have their own tv show, they are all over the tabloids (print and digital), their every move is recorded and publicized…but for what? They are not making a difference in the world? They are not famous for anything they did?

All in all Pepsi tried to use association to brand their product, association to celebrity and bringing peace, but it was a hit and a miss.

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