Dear Alyssa,

I’m just now getting to bed too. Oi. It was a long but good day. Woke up and went jogging at 6:30am then the regular morning routine of trying not to miss my bus. Work wasn’t bad but I had to cancel lunch plans with a friend because I was pulled into a training thing. So instead I treated myself to a solo lunch via this Vegan place called Native Foods. I was eating raw all of Feb till March 9th so I’ve slowly been incorporating cooked food back into my diet.

After work I stopped at Sally’s because I needed eyelash remover. My extensions (despite my best home remedy actions) would not come off. In fact the reason I’m awake is because I became obsessed with taking them off. I used the remover. Then waterproof makeup remover. Then steam. Then more remover and finally I massaged my eyebrows with pure Argan oil. My eyelids are probably bruised although I was as delicate as can be. Hmph! I’m glad to finally have them off. I’ve been trying all week. I’m gonna go to another salon and have another set out on. I want fancy lashes for Memorial. I had to stop wearing mascara because it makes my eyes burn.

So yeah. My letter writing group net tonight then I went back to Native Food to get some food and use this legit BOGO coupon they sent me.

Nothing too much around these parts. I feel like I’m finally stabilizing and now people around me are falling apart. Okay my left eyelid is sore. Sheesh.

Campaign has been fun but you remind me I needs to step up my informal. I’m so glad you were bold at school.

In other news. I’ve been cooking up a storm. My next item of conquest. . vegan bread I think.

Well sweet dreams friend. Ttyl

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