The Players

There’s always a story behind a team. Ours is simple. We were created on October 1st by Tomislav Bazdaric because he believed that Street Football needed a place in Australian football culture.

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time for the story behind each player.

Tomislav Bazdaric

Age: 20

Neighbourhood: Camden

Crew role: Captain, Striker/Winger

Number: 11

Bio: Tomislav is our team captain. His attitudes on and off the field are those that a captain generally hold. Motivating, humble, calm and extremely passionate. He has such a strong love for street football and the culture around it. His efforts never go unnoticed. He plays with flair and power. His ability to turn and shoot with power and accuracy from anywhere on the field is one to be admired by anyone. His ground skills are awesome and he aims to improve even more. He is an highly physical player with a very sudden change of pace that can only be described as explosive. A natural born striker.

James Hanlon

Age: 19

Neighbourhood: Strathfield

Crew Role: Vice Captain, Striker

Number: 8

Bio: The second in charge. James is an inspiration to the whole team. A knee injury resulted in him being told that he could never play football again. Oh how James has proven the doctors wrong. Since that day, James has played against his childhood idols Bret Emerton and Mark Bresciano, as well as the national Futsal Team and top other top Australian Talent. James has always been loyal to the team, he was our second member and has been with us from the beginning. He played as a defender for the majority of our existence, and never said a word even though he was a striker. The first tournament that we played him up front he scored 2 against the Nike Academy and 1 against the Nike All Stars. You can always rely on James to be calm and collected, and he is without a doubt a brilliant footballer.

Daniel Khodani

Age: 20

Neighbourhood: Ingleburn

Crew role: Winger/Defender

Number: 6

Bio: Daniel joined our crew as our 3rd member. You could tell that he was right for the crew by his performance at The Soccer Club on the first night he had been there. He made the opposition look sub par. To put it simply, Daniel is our teams best 3v3 player due to his direct style of play and ridiculously accurate left foot hammer. He has come from Sunday league football to the top level of Futsal in a matter of weeks, talk about a fast rise.

Junior Mushaba

Age: 21

Neighbourhood: Liverpool

Crew Role: Midfield/Defender

Number: 9

Bio: The crews powerhouse. Junior is a strong midfielder that isn’t afraid to score a few goals. He has played football abroad, playing in the second division U20s in England for Stevenage. To have a player of this standard in the crew adds a significant amount. He has extremely quick feet and is a team player. Looking forward for junior to continue playing for the crew.

Anthony Lauric

Age: 20

Neighbourhood: St Andrews

Crew Role: Last man/Centre Back

Number: 5

Bio: Since the idea of a Street Crew being created emerged, Anthony has been around. He has always encouraged then team, even though he did not join straight away. He is a great defender, that plays with consistency. The interesting detail with Anthony is that he doesn’t watch football on TV, or even play FIFA, which is different to the rest of us. But this doesn’t impact on his performance at all.

Samuel Hickson


Neighbourhood: Epping

Crew Role: Keeper

Number: 21

Bio: The wall between the posts, Sam is one of the best keepers that I have seen, his reflex saves are second to none and his will to keep a clean sheet is great for the team. Some keepers can win you games, Sam is one of those keepers. He has been with the Crew since the Nike No Turning Back event and is a great guy that adds to the chemistry within the team.

Paul Bourke

Age: 27

Neighbourhood: Brighton Le Sans

Crew Role: Defender

Number: 90

Bio: Paul is our teams oldest member, which is humorous in that he is only 27,we rely on his experience to help us in difficult situations. He has spent his last few years moving around Asia and playing in top Futsal leagues while doing so. He is calm on the ball and can pick out the best option in any situation. He’ll be a great addition to the crew in Series Futsal NSW as he is strong and very reliable at the back.

Matt Auld

Age: 18

Neighbourhood: Penrith

Crew Role: Midfield

Number: 7

Bio: Matt, the only true futsal player in the crew. We saw Matt play at the Australian Tango League earlier this year. He has an eye for goal and is a determined player that will do whatever he has to in order to win. He is relatively new to the crew, but he is definitely a great fit.

Jacob Sullivan

Age: 20

Neighbourhood: Brighton Le Sans

Crew Role: Midfield/Winger

Number: 17

Bio: Jacob is a new signing for the crew, but he has been a desired signing for a long time. We first met Jacob at the Nike No Turning Back event, he played for the Nike Academy All Stars. We also crossed paths at the LOCAL FC X NIKE event. Jacob has represented Australia at the Nike Most Wanted Global Showcase and is an amazing talent. We can’t wait for him to play with the crew instead of against us.

Christoper Alexander

Age: 17

Neighbourhood: Blacktown

Crew Role: Midfield/Winger

Number: 77

Bio: Our youngest player, Chris joined the crew after his skillful performance at the LOCAL FC X NIKE event. Chris plays with flair and is a great addition to the team. He is yet to play an event with the Crew, but we are definitely looking to his first game with the team in Series Futsal NSW.

Written by Tomislav Bazdaric and James Hanlon