Stop and pay attention
Tim Cigelske

Review what you wrote about what you found in Johnston Hall last week. Then look at your notes. Did you miss any details? What are the advantages and disadvantages of writing without looking at your notes?

My notes from last week were much more extensive and detailed then my notes this week. I wrote about a little nook of offices I found on the fourth floor of Johnston. In my original observation, I went door by door to each of the four offices and described what was on them, etc. My observations from this week were really simple and I just described the nook itself rather than the individual offices.

What did you learn from eavesdropping on a classroom?

I learned that room 313 is currently learning how to correctly use AP Style, and that when talking about O.J. Simpson in a sentence on their quiz, they were supposed to use “whom” not “who”.

What’s something you learned from a magazine or newspaper?

I learned that Marquette’s College of Education’s enrollment is declining a significant amount. 36 Freshman enrolled this year which is down from 88 students in 2012. This could possibly have an impact on Milwaukee schools, the article explains.

What is the Marquette Tribune editor in chief doing today?

Paul E. Salsini is today still teaching at Marquette. He is currently my professor for History of the Musical in America, and I find him super interesting and fun. He also teaches a writing class here at Marquette and has written a few novels himself, as well as created a magazine thing dedicated to Steven Sondheim.

What can you find out about the professor you wrote down from the directory? What have they researched? What are they known for?

Sheena Carey is the internship coordinator here at Marquette and also teaches a large variety of communication classes. She mainly researches cultural topics, such as why and how diverse groups of people can relate effectively despite internal and external barriers, cultural and diversity initiatives, etc . She is known for being at Marquette for most of her life as a student and then an educator and administrator. She also has worked in various corporate comm. positions in the Milwaukee area.

What did you say in the note you put in a professor’s mailbox? What skills did you learn from this person?

I wrote to my Journalism Bootcamp professor, Sandra Whitehead. I basically told her that I missed her class a lot and hope that she is having a great semester. Professor Whitehead has made a large impact on my writing skills and has taught me a great deal about writing in a Journalistic/Media style. I really enjoyed her as a professor and am very grateful for all she taught me!

What did you learn from the student who works in student media?

I learned from Amy Elliot, who is the managing editor for the Marquette Wire, that you should absolutely never lie when producing media content. Given today’s lecture, this seems to be a common theme today!

What alum from the Alumni Hall of Fame inspires you and why?

Chuck O’Neil really inspires me because he has worked so hard producing various content for television, and has won an Emmy because of it. I really want to work in Digital Media and I find his drive and accomplishments awe-inspiring.

What did you see when you visited a new floor in Johnston Hall?

What Marquette alumna won a Pulitzer for reporting on AIDs in the Heartland? Now find her interview with Poynter. What is a tip that she shared about paying attention in interviews?

Embed the tweets you sent to Dean Kimo Ah Yun.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”><a href=”">@DeanKimo</a> <a href=”">@cigelske</a> hi I&#39;m Sydney Wagner and I&#39;m a sophomore majoring in Digital Media. The most interesting thing in Johnston Hall I found</p>&mdash; Sydney Wagner (@sydneywagner97) <a href=”">January 25, 2017</a></blockquote>
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<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”><a href=”">@DeanKimo</a> <a href=”">@cigelske</a> was probably the old newspapers lining the basement of the hall! They all contain so much interesting history</p>&mdash; Sydney Wagner (@sydneywagner97) <a href=”">January 25, 2017</a></blockquote>
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What do you notice when you turned your phone off?

I noticed mostly how eerily quiet the halls of Johnston were. Also, I noticed how welcoming and wide the hallways are with their bright colors and modern furniture.

Finally, a challenge for tomorrow. Don’t check your phone in the morning until after breakfast. Write down what you notice when you do this.

There are a thousand beautiful ways to start the day that don’t begin with looking at your phone. And yet so few of us choose to do so. — Craig Mod, How I Got My Attention Back
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