Storytelling Sells

Companies and brands are always coming up with new ways to sell themselves without just bombarding consumers with advertisements.

Storytelling is the new buzzword for companies. It is a way to promote a brand without being obvious. This however, has cause a lot of controversy in the media world.

Storytelling for a company is the process of telling someone’s story. It’s the idea of sharing how someone’s life is effect in a positive way by a brand or company. According to Porter Novelli, storytelling is not a new concept that companies use.

Skype has one of the best storytelling videos that I have seen to date. Skype does a great job in showing how they have played a part in two girls lives who lived across the world from each other. This is how companies should use storytelling. It pulls on heartstrings and keeps the viewer engaged.

The controversy is over how storytelling is used. Robert Rettew says it the best. He said it comes down to having a good story. Most companies do not know the difference to a story and a GOOD story. This is why there is so much buzz about storytelling in the media. The story needs to hook the viewers, like the Skype example listed above.

Rettew made a great point when he said, “…allowing that storyline to allow the audience to see that brand’s message through another person’s viewpoint “

I think storytelling is a very important part of the media today. I personally feel more connected when I see a heartwarming or even heartbreaking story. When I watched the Skype video, I wanted to cry of happiness for the girls when they finally got to meet. Storytelling can make or break a company in terms of their image. If they do not use it right, then people will look at them like they were trying too hard.

Storytelling sells. It might not be out right, but a good image will help a company or brand sell. You may think storytelling is just a buzzword but it is not going anywhere anytime soon.