The Mysterious Robbery

It was breaking news around the world on October 3rd, when Kim Kardashian West was robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel. Kim was in Paris attending Fashion Week with her sisters and some friends, when this horrific incident occurred. Kim and her husband, Kanye West, have a “semi-permanent residence” in the luxury apartments at the No Address Hotel in Paris. Kim was in bed when a group of men posing at police officers broke into her room. Normally, there would be a bodyguard positioned outside of a high profile celebrities’ hotel room, but Kim was alone. Her personal bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, went out in the city with Kim’s sisters, Kourtney and Kendall, to make sure they were okay. Kim was all settled and ready for bed, so she told her bodyguard to go look after her sisters.

More details have been emerging since this robbery occurred two weeks ago. One of the main questions people are asking is, how did the robbers get the information on where Kim’s room was located. It is under investigation if this group of men had been following Kim around town, tracking her every move. Kim has remained behind closed doors and has been radio silent on social media since the break-in. This week, the concierge from the night of the robbery is speaking out. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Abdurlahman, recounts the scary moments leading up to the break-in. Authorities are looking for five suspects that were involved, but Abdurlahman focused on just two of those suspects. He said a group of, what looked like, police officers came into the lobby requesting the location of Kim Kardashian West’s room. The concierge pretended not to know whom Ms. Kardashian West was, in order to protect the safety and privacy of the hotel’s guests. After being held at gunpoint he was handcuffed and forced to lead them to her room, unlocking it with a spare key. He then claims that the robbers tied him up in her room, while they proceeded into her bedroom, where Kim was in bed. Soon, the so-called policemen were attacking Kim, and had her wrist and ankles bound with plastic ties in her bathtub. The concierge said that Kim was begging for life saying, “I’m a mother, I have babies.” Abdurlahman became Kim’s translator, due to the language barrier. The robbers got sick of hearing Kardashian West scream and yell, so they put duct tape on her mouth, and wrapped it around her head. The robbers were soon caught off guard when Kim’s bodyguard Duvier called her phone. The concierge informed the robbers that if Kim did not answer her phone when he called, he would be back in the room within minutes, followed by the police. This threat scared the robbers and they soon fled, taking the concierge with them, leaving him handcuffed in the lobby.

There were reports stating that Kim managed to free her wrists from the plastic ties after a few tries. Once she freed herself from all of the plastic ties, she ran to her balcony, and began screaming for help. Her bodyguard returned to the room, as well as the police, and they began to take her statement. Kim had emerged from the hotel within hours of this traumatic event, making her way back to her family in New York City. There are many theories about why and how this mysterious robbery occurred. Some people believe it was an inside side, meaning someone in Kim’s circle of family or friends, told these five suspects where Kim was and what she was doing. The second theory is, these men had been scouting out Kim’s every move for the passed few weeks, waiting to decide when to make their move. The last theory is, Kim brought this robbery upon herself based on her large social media presence. All three theories could be proven in some way.

There have been talks of someone in Kim Kardashian West’s inner circle, tipping off these robbers. The robbers could’ve paid this person or people a large amount of money to get some inside information on Kim’s whereabouts. The report that caught my attention was, Kim’s “good friend and stylist” Simone Harouche was in the hotel at the time of the robbery. It was reported that Harouche heard some noises coming from upstairs, and called Duvier to make sure everything was okay. This report sparked two questions for me, why didn’t she go check on Kim herself if she was “in a nearby room” and Why didn’t she notice all of the noise until the end. If I were in Harouche shoes, as soon as I heard an unusual sound coming from Kim’s room around two in the morning, I would immediately check if everything was okay. If a person were to place themselves in Harouche’s shoes, there was definitely a lot more noise and commotion than normal for that hour of the day. There had to have been stuff falling or being pushed over when the robbers were attacking Kim, as well as, when they were trying to tie her up. She also would have heard Kardashian West’s loud screams and pleas for her life. So why would she call Kim’s bodyguard, instead of taking initiative and walking a few steps to make sure her “longtime friend” was okay.

The second theory is that this group of men had been watching Kim while she was in Paris for Fashion Week. They were following her every move, learning her daily routine and what her favorite spots were in the city. There have also been reports of these men posing as different people around Kim. They could have pretended to be paparazzi in order to get a closer view into her life. While acting as paparazzi, they could have paid the real paparazzi around them for more details about her. It has been reported that a security camera from the store across the street, captured a car driving slowly around the hotel three different times, around the time of the robbery. The third was at 2:54am, two minutes before Kim called her bodyguard for help.

The last theory that has been circling is Kim’s social media presence is what led to her being the target for the robbers. Kim Kardashian West has 85.4 million followers on Instagram, as well as, a large following on Snapchat. Authorities believe that Kim was drawing unwanted attention to herself by posting all of her flashy possessions. Johanna Primevert, the spokeswoman for Paris police stated, “It was really the celebrity who was targeted, with possessions that had been seen and noticed via social media, and it was these goods that the attackers targeted.” The robbers stole Kardashian West’s cellphone, a bag, and $10 million of jewelry. $4 million of her jewelry stolen was her new second engagement ring from her husband, Kanye. It is very unlikely that Kim will get her latest engagement ring back, due to how rare it is. Reports have said the robbers will sell most of her jewelry in the black market or break down the engagement ring into smaller diamonds.

Kim Kardashian West had been documenting her Paris Fashion Week trip with her Instagram and Snapchat accounts. She would show her followers which show she was at, what clothes and jewelry she was wearing, and where she was eating. While in Paris, Kardashian West posted many Snapchats showing off her big ring, as well as the other diamonds she was wearing. Another reason the authorities believe that Kim could’ve lead the robbers to her through social media, was when she told her Snapchat followers that she was alone in her hotel room, talking to her brother Rob and his fiancé on Facetime. This video created the perfect opportunity for the robbers to carryout their plan.

Once the story broke, people were sharing their opinions on the matter all of social media. Some people thought that Kim fabricated the story to create media attention for herself and her show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”. Other people were in shock and tried to understand what had happened. Many celebrities were shocked by what had happened to Kardashian West, and some took to their social media to share their thoughts. One of Kim’s close friends, model Chrissy Teigen, posted on her Twitter defending Kim from the people second guessing what had happened to her. In an article written for Vanity Fair magazine they said, “Teigen tweeted about her disapproval with those mocking Kardashian West or making light of the situation…” This is when Chrissy decided she was going to make her Twitter profile private.

This traumatic incident has lead many celebrities to rethink how they portray themselves on social media. Many celebrities like to show off the expensive jewelry, cars, clothing and houses they have; The Kardashian/Jenner family being the main people that show their valuables off. After the robbery, the Kardashian/Jenner clan went silent on social media for a few days. Celebrities have to learn to filter and senor what they share now for their own protection. As much as I love to see the latest car, shoes, and clothing Kylie Jenner bought, I think it would help her and other celebrities’ safety if they cut back on the sharing. It is sad that robbery’s and incidents similar to Kim Kardashian Wests’ have to occur in order for people to learn or change the way they portray themselves in the public eye.