What it’s like to not be treated like shit

I’m going to try and write this one out in the same amount of time it takes this charcoal mud mask on my face to dry. Wish me luck.

Between the time that I last wrote and now, my partner and I broke up. We went on a break, as you might recall. If you are a new reader, which, by my calculations you probably are since I have gotten zero views on anything I’ve ever written, welcome. I’m glad you’re here. Do you know anyone who is looking for a pithy ghostwriter?

Anyway, we went on the most inefficient break ever, I published the article about going on the break, freaked out and I removed it. Now that we are broken up, it’s up because fuck it.

So I’m seeing someone currently who is literally so great it’s shocking and I genuinely am surprised that he’s into me.

Anyway, here are a few things I’ve learned through the last two months of not being treated like garbage.

  1. It is not unusual for someone to remember that you’re drinking vodka sodas and just grab you one when they go up to the bar. Especially if you’ve spent about 5 days a week together for the last two months, and every time you’ve gone out, you’ve ordered a vodka soda. This should not be an experience that gets you emotional, but you’ve been treated like a Chinatown dumpster fire for a few months, so it does.
  2. Turns out, if you’re too drunk, it’s not unusual for the person you’re with to make sure you’re safe. Instead of getting mad at you for, I don’t know, being outside, sometimes the person you’re with just gets you pad thai, even when you’re being a brat. And he doesn’t get mad when you get home and don’t eat it. And he turns on the rain storm sounds that you love so you go right to sleep.
  3. It’s not unusual for your person to listen when your friends talk. And it’s not unusual for him to pretend he cares about what they’re saying even when you know he doesn’t.
  4. It’s not completely outlandish that when you say, “Kiss me real quick,” the person you’re with just does.
  5. It’s not totally insane that when you show your affection for someone, they don’t make you fee like it’s inconvenient for them.
  6. If the person you’re with bitches about seeing Beauty and the Beast, they’re honestly insane because NO ONE should bitch about that. It’s a great movie. It’s not crazy to want to see it.
  7. Also it’s not totally insane that when you say goodnight to someone they simply respond with “goodnight” and not “you’re being dramatic.”
  8. It’s not completely psychotic to want to meet your person’s friends. And be introduced as a girlfriend. And for them to want that too. It’s not strange to be seen.

Sorry if that got dark, but damn am I feeling refreshed these days.

As a side note, this mask is now permanently fused to my face.

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