I am Who I am: and that’s Okay

May 15, 2017

“I am who I am in this moment right now, and that is perfectly okay”

I have often found myself repeating this over and over every single day.

It is so difficult not to constantly compare ourselves to other people, and praise their every feature while we break down every flaw of our own.

Sometimes I see the young woman in Starbucks drinking her skinny latte, with her perfectly curled, ombré hair, flawless tan skin, the perfect business casual outfit on, and her Michael Kors bag to tie everything together. I admire this woman, desiring to look like her, and be as “put together” as she is, even though I don’t know the slightest thing about her.

We so easily tend to admire others based on what they appear as physically without even thinking about what their hearts are like.

This woman could be an absolutely terrible person, yet based off of her physical attributes and material possessions, I long to look like her, and even be her.

“Maybe if I lost weight, went tanning, got my hair done, and did my nails I would be more attractive, like her, and maybe someone would love me” is a thought that is not new to many women.

So often I find myself thinking if I could just change something about myself physically, that I might attract someone who would love me.

Instead of trying to find someone to love me, simply based off of my physical appearance, I have found that I need to love me before someone else can.

Our worth doesn’t come from how “put together” we seem to be. It comes from how much we can truly love, and admire ourselves and be the person we desire to be, without losing originality and self-acceptance on the way. I challenge you to remember this when you feel like changing who you are to attract or please anyone else:

“I am who I am in this moment right now, and that is perfectly okay”
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