week 11

Julekrybbe Aften! The ward had an amazing Christmas evening on Sunday. It was so amazing. We set up the chapel with tables and a set for a nativity act and we had nativities set up all along the wall and a Christmas tree. We had light and candles outside leading to the church as well. The children put on the cutest nativity for us and then members sang. This ward is soooo musically talented. It is incredible. We also ate pepperkaker and drank glug. SO GOOD.

Norwegian Christmas:

Four candles. One lit every sunday.

Christmas is like a 5 day thing. Most people leave the country for Christmas too.

The national Christmas color is purple.

GLUG AND PEPPERKAKER. Glug is the drink that almost takes like CocaCola, but you drink it while its hot. It’s all this fruit and sugar and spices and it is so good. Pepperkaker is very Norsk. It’s kind of like gingerbread cookies but wayyyy way better.

Presents are opened on Christmas Eve.

Downtown Skien has tons of Christmas trees and lights up right now. It’s so cute. We just got our lights to hang up in our apartment too. There isn’t a huge focus on Christ and I haven’t seen nativities anywhere. The Santas are different looking. They all have the santa hat covering the entire face and the beard covers the rest. So all you see is the nose, hahah. It’s called a julenissen.

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