week 36

June 5, 2017

morning run on the beach
I have learned a lot this week from the people around me. These are the things that have had the biggest impact:
1. We had a conference for our mission where a leader of the church came to speak (Tom-Atle Herland). It was a very spiritual meeting and there were a lot of amazing things said. One of the biggest take-aways for me was the importance to BE KIND TO YOURSELF. Kindness is a heavenly thing. Our Heavenly Father would never say anything unkind to us. If you have unkind thoughts about yourself, they are not from God. Be kind to yourself!! This is important.
2. We radiate how we feel. I had the chance to go out with a different missionary the other day. Her name is Søster Horgmo. We went out on the streets contacting people. She was a ray of sunshine. Every person we passed, she smiled and greeted. We walked by a guy waiting for something in his convertible and she just said hello, gave him a pass along card, and continued to radiate her smile. As we walked by some workers carrying wood, she praised them for their hard work and encouraged them to continue. I was so inspired by the positivity she radiated.
3. Lastly, Søster Petersen and I had just visited a member and we had a feeling to visit a woman in the nursing home. We tried getting in, but the door wouldn’t budge, so we turned around to catch a subway home. We then felt like we should try again, so we went, and there was a man who let us in. As we walked into the room of this woman, she looked up to us surprised and then said that she had just finished her prayer asking God that someone would come help her.
at a filipino BBQ
meeting up with my trainer, Søster Nielsen
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