week 37

June 12, 2017

flying into Haugesund

I have moved!!!

The adventure has begun in a new place. I feel so placed that I have been able to live in the BEST PLACES IN NORWAY. I dont know I have gotten so lucky to have such incredible companions and areas to serve in. I have learned so much from everyone that I have been able to get to know and love. I definitely miss Oslo (and Skien — love those guys), but it hasn’t taken me long to fall in love with my new home.

Our apartment is right on the fjord. We can see ships and boats go by from our window. We run along the water every morning. Our apartment is SOO NICE. We live in the basement of some less actives and it is sooo nice. I don’t know how misisonaries are living in an apartment this nice. It is so beautiful here. There are rolling green hills everywhere. It is usually overcast or raining for the most part, but it is so beautiful and green. Flowers and cows and sheep everywhere. We are on an island, so ocean everywhere.

vi skal ikke finne noe i kirken

med skal iche finne nåka i

Dumping rain!!
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