Morning Tea Abortion Thoughts

So, we need to start insisting that the fight against reproductive rights is not about saving little tiny lives. Do not accept that premise in discussion. If someone tries to tell you it’s about saving little tiny lives say,

“oh my gosh I agree! We should open our borders to Syrian refugees! Great minds, man.”


“I know! I can’t believe Sandy Hook wasn’t enough!”

or even

“you’re so right: abortion is way too invasive to be a form of birth control! I also think birth control makes great birth control — we should be just handing that shit out on the street!”

It’s a bit of a trick because it seems most people who oppose reproductive rights don’t know themselves why they feel so strongly, but I do!: It’s because they hate female agency. This has never been so naked.

No more, “it’s the most difficult decision any woman has to make”. Some women are like “well that was an unpleasant use of my tuesday, oh well, back to my life!” and THOSE WOMEN DESERVE SAFE ABORTIONS.

No more, “but, rape!” because please just no. These arguments support the narrative that women cannot, should not, decide things. That they act because they are acted upon, and this is a tremendous burden. A man raped me so I need a man to deem my rape sufficiently rapey that a doctor man can relieve me of my rape fetus. Stop. People keep their rapist’s children, and people abort their husband’s. That is what is threatening. We won’t get anywhere pretending that it’s not threatening.

That Bible story about Adam’s rib is not about Eve being subservient — it’s about womb envy. (Well, so, it is about Eve being subservient, but like not just for subservience’s sake.) Men want to make people. They want to pull better versions of themselves out of their stunted, unexamined emotion-holes. It’s a pathological need. After every “stay in the kitchen,” there is an unspoken “so I know where my uterus is.” If we don’t address that, we don’t address the issue.

If we keep saying please sir can I just have one itty-bitty little abortion for reasons and under circumstances you approve of, we accept the premise they have the right to participate. And we gotta start shutting that shit down.

If you do not support legal access to a safe abortion, you do not support female self-determination.