Exploring Unhappiness in the Millennial Generation through Bo Burnham’s Make Happy Stand-Up Comedy Special

IMAGE: Netflix

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of followers: millennials, are you happy yet? Meet Bo Burnham, the 25-year-old, internet sensation turned stand-up comedian. His young age, relatable life experience, and mixed form of self-indulgent/self-deprecating humor make him the perfect candidate to lead the millennial generation to self-awareness. In his 2016 Netflix stand-up comedy special, Make Happy, Burnham depicts himself as a troubled and unhappy person who by, performing this set, is giving his last shred of happiness to us. While his performance is a stark commentary on…

Sydney Poe

Editorial/content writer sharing modern truths in human nature. Favorite topics include: internet and social media culture, lifestyle, entertainment, and self.

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