Save me.

I’m hurting

I’m in so much pain.

Help me,

I’m faking.

Don’t believe a word I say.

He’s gone,

he lied.

He didn’t want this ,

he just played.

Is it me? I tried.

How come I winded up instead.

How could he?

How dare he?

Didn’t he mean a thing he said?

He stabbed me.

He hurt me.

I bet he’d leave me dead.

Save me.

I’m choking

Another girls with him today.

Help me.

I’m drowning.

I didn’t know he felt that way

Should I ask?

Should I flee?

Or let it eat me up instead?

Does he know?

Does he see?

He’s not who I thought he’d be.

I can’t take it.

I can’t do it.

I have to leave him before it’s to late.

I did it

I left him

But I feel likes there’s things left unsaid

It’s okay

It’s alright

I’ll pile it up inside

I hope

I pray

He’ll realize someday

That he broke me

He hurt me

He gave me no choice

I couldn’t stay

Now I’m home, all alone

I’m worse than I was before

So I told myself, it’s fine

It’s probably my fault

I’m no dime

Let him do it

Let him lie

I’m not pretty

I’m not great

I’m just not good enough

I’m nothing

This is my fault

save me

I’m hurting

I’m in so much pain

Help me

I’m faking

Don’t believe a word I say

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