Teenage alcoholics, god damn music turned up so loud that no one heard the mirror shatter. Someone was mad, I think. Curse words were so beautiful to the drunken ear. Concoctions take place in the kitchen but they’re fucking on the counter top. Sober, I’m sober. I’m watching my friend because a senior offered her rum. She downed hers, then drank mine. She’s giggly and aggressive. Courageous and loud. Sober, I’m sober. His steps were slow and he wandered to far, I followed. The air was bitter, the music was tasteless. He cried because he meant no harm. I let him pull me closer. Calloused fingers roamed gracefully, I’d never been touched this way before. Last night of December, beginning of January. My dress was chosen in the dark. He kissed me and I let him. Watching everyone gets boring, like a movie on repeat, you know the dialogue, you know the characters. Teenage alcoholics, music turned up so loud no one heard the mirror shatter. My knuckles began to bruise. I just watched the blood stain the floor

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