Boozed N Busted going ahead

There was a lot of buzz in the BoozednBusted press release that was shared on twitter last week. Just to check out what the geeks at Krazilogic did to get the game all revamped, downloaded the game and play it on my iPad.

The gameplay:

The gameplay was quite challenging, especially the one where in the player has to balance the character by tapping on the screen and avoid the character to go off track (the yellow line) and fall off. That was something crazy. It seemed so funny when the character goes astray and crashes on the sidewalks.

Boozed n Busted Gameplay

Improved Graphics and Themes:

Not only this, the game has done some serious improvement on their UI which was a bit funky and childish before. The theme and the graphics all added up to the game and the way I see it, I liked the game because of the new theme. Likewise, the storyline now matches up with the game after this touch up. The basic unit of any game is its UI and the graphics used. It shapes the actual gaming environment inside a game. The better graphics there are, the better gaming experience is enjoyed by the user.

Bonus Levels:

Secondly, what the game lacks is a “bonus level”. The developers should ponder over creating a bonus level that gets the user stick to the game.

More Improvements:

However, improvement being an inevitable process, is required here too. The game should have 2 more levels to remove the boredom factor that might arise after a certain amount of time. So the game should have at least 2 more levels so that the users don’t get bored out.


Boozed and Busted, a marvel by Krazilogic is all in all better than its previous versions. It would take a little more effort and enhancement to make the more interactive and more challenging. I have been a gamer for a long time and have played all sorts of games. So, I believe that the game is a 4.5 star.

You can get the game on iOS and Android. Hope you’ll enjoy this awesome game too.