My outdoor learning

It was 15th May 2016, I was with my fellows in a bus to explore some thing different from our class activities. We were around thirty fellows in a bus and our target was to go Safari Park and Baheria town. As we started our journey the music of enjoyment starts and I specially enjoyed the travelling from UET to Safari Park with fellows because they create an amazing environment in the bus.Some of us were nominated to guide the rest of fellows about the places where we decided to go and the guider played their in a well manner and for me I got an experience that whenever you want to go for picnic or for gathering firstly you have to make a plan it will be really helpful and make you comfortable. As we saw the historical points and wild life these shows that if we explore and knows the nature of every living element on the earth then we can better understand the purpose of each and every element living on this earth. In future I think this tour give me a lot of experience about the arrangements and planing before implementing any decision.