Cognitive Services are a set of machine learning algorithms that Microsoft has developed to solve problems in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Cognitive Services APIs are grouped into five categories — Vision, Speech, Language, Knowledge and Search.

In this blog, we will be creating and using the Custom Vision API service into a flask application.

The vision we all like

The content of this blog is also a part of my virtual workshop on Azure Pyday.


Recent times have seen how AI-ML applications are making a significant impact on daily lives. In fact, every problem in today’s world is being dealt with AI…

DevFests are community-led developer events hosted by Google Developer Groups around the globe. GDGs are focused on community building and learning about Google’s technologies. Google DevFest Hyderabad is an annual technology conference, considered as a “Technical Diwali” that celebrates the achievements of the computing world and the constant urge to connect, code and innovate.

This blog is an encounter of my experiences as a lead student organizer for the Google DevFest Hyderabad, 2019.

Since my school days, I have always been community-centric. Be it events, projects or volunteering, I would always find myself a company to involve with. Adding to…

Azure Storage is Microsoft’s solution to objects, files and data stores. Blob storage is one of the storage services and is a massively scalable object store for text and binary data.

What is Azure Blob storage?

Azure Blob store is one of the core storage services alongside Azure files, queues, tables and disks. It is mainly used for serving images to a browser, storing files for distributed access, streaming video and audio, backup and restore and mainly for data storage and analysis by another Azure service.

Objects in Blob storage can be accessed from anywhere in the world via HTTP or HTTPS. Users or client…

Gathering data is a huge task in AI/ML applications. However, it can be smartly handled using one of Azure’s cognitive services, the Bing search API.

Bing Web Search API

The Bing Web Search API is a RESTful service that provides instant answers to search queries. Results are easily configured to include web pages, images, videos, news, translations, and more. This API is optimal for applications that need access to all content that is relevant to a user’s search query. …

Stock markets are a pool of uncertainty, they plummet one moment and rocket the other. The latest developments have showcased traders opting for methods and tools to predict the performance of stocks, all of them revolving around AI and ML concepts. In this blog, we will create an ML model that trains itself on realtime data from current market trends and predicts stock value for any given time.

This article is also a part of the MSP Developer Stories initiative by the Microsoft Student Partners (India) program.

Project Overview

Goal: We will be making a web application that predicts the maximum value…

Machine learning is the most widely talked of a subset under Artificial Intelligence. It pretty much deals with every other implementation of AI, thus earning prime importance on our road to achieving Super AI.

Imagine a 3 year old kid learning to talk. You have been asked to teach him to recognize cats. You take up the challenge and walk him around cats, show him videos, pictures, cartoons and everytime point to the cats and very loudly pronounce ‘cat’. Two days later, the kid points to a lion on the TV and screams C-A-T. …

AI has become the face of modern computing and why not? Today, everyone uses services that are monitored or run by AI. Search systems, recommendations, gaming, health care, predictions, robotics, NLP, etc are some of the numerous AI applications we use.

Since the early 19th century, we have been into developing programmable computers. The first major contribution towards developing computers was made by Charles Babbage, the “father of the computer”, who invented the first mechanical computer. Two centuries later, we have CPUs the size of fingernails. Computers perform logical operations, complex computations, have the best accuracy in performing tasks and…

Building websites is one of the first endeavors of a developer. However, hosting the website and managing it in realtime takes the experience even further. In this blog, you’ll read about deploying your website from Azure.

Azure App Service

Azure App Service enables us to build and host web apps, mobile back ends, and RESTful APIs in any programming language. It offers auto-scaling and high availability, supports both Windows and Linux, and enables automated deployments from GitHub, Azure DevOps, or any Git repo.

This allows Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) seamlessly for your application. …

Container deployment has made the application development process seamless and agile. Pipelining the development, testing and production with containerized architecture makes the process cheap and fast but also questions the fault tolerance such a system can offer, specially with large applications.

Prerequisite: Knowledge about containers. For anyone new, read my blog on containers here.

The entire point of application development is to provide users with digital solutions to their real-time problems, needs or utility purposes. …

Ever borrowed your friend’s laptop for doing a project that was too mainstream for yours? Need a GPU, improved storage, better clock speed with an advanced processor? What if I told you, a genie could fix your problems in a jiffy? Say hi to genie Azure.

The computing demands are always increasing. Be it a college project or an enterprise one, every developer is greedy when it comes to specs. Computing power is the new thing to flex about. High-end computers have huge price tags with them. Buying one certainly is no loss but when the requirements are crucial and…

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