5 acts of kindness (in previous 24hr’s)

  1. At the start of the day, I watered my plants :0 usually this act is performed by my uncle, but today before he did this act, I used to water the plants & it really makes me fresh also.

2. My relatives are going to the market in rikshaw in such a heat of stroke, so I give them a lift in the car so that they won't face any issues.

3. After finishing my lunch, I went to the park & take some leaves (neem k paata) to feed the cows.

4. Yesterday one of my friends give his mobile for repairing. Today eventually he went out of town due to some official work so he calls me to go to the shop & take the repaired mobile phone. So I did this task & he also makes himself relaxed & focuses on what purpose he went out of town.

5. Send some money to my beloved ones as she was really in need for that.



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