Eat that frog with the pomodoro

Wake up early in the morning is a very hard task for me and performing this task is like eating a full frog at a time for me or we may call this term as pomodoro. This happens almost every day with me and I was trying every day to wake up early in the morning especially at the time of prayer but I am unable to wake early in the morning that why I becomes the victim of laziness gradually with the passage of time and due to this laziness I push my works of early morning to other corner and as a result I feel myself ashamed because I am lacking many things in my life due to this laziness.

But when I complete the online course of Amal Academy, I come to know about new term which is called ‘POMODORO’ and I take much interest in this course and know about term pomodoro briefly which means to complete your hardest task in easy different steps. so wake up early in the morning is the hardest task for me to achieve but then I decided to apply pomodoro technique to my wake up task and for this I planned some strategies and try to bound myself for this task.

On next day I set 4 to 5 alarms of every next 5 mins on my watch and then on that night, I go bed to sleep and almost an half hour before I was still in thinking mode about the next day and after some time I sleep and on next day, at 4am alarm rings and I just wake for a minute or two and again sleep and the same situation happened thrice and I couldn’t wake but on forth alarm ring, I just jump from my bed because I remember the pomodoro technique and at 4:20am I was standing at the floor and go to the bath room and wash my face and at 4:30am, I am ready to for offering Fajar prayer and I also recite Quran pak after prayer.

This technique helps me a lot in over coming my laziness early in the morning and now I also took the advantage of many other things like I found enough time to complete my other tasks and also I do exercise in the morning which brings me joy and keeps me active and fit.We all must apply the pomodoro technique in our life especially for those tasks which looks harder for us.