Book review: like da flowing river

Thoughts and reflections by Paulo Coelho

thoughts and reflections by Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho is among those writers, I start my reading journey with. I read a couple of books written by him but, unfortunately, I didn’t found them appealing enough to continue. Da interesting aspect is that the more I admire his quotes; philosophical and thought-provoking words. Da less bounding I found the plots of his stories.

So I quit.

After a long time, I tried to pick one of his books again.

Thoughts and reflections are a collection of short stories written by the personal experiences of the author; Paulo Coelho.

They’re really short (justifying with the short story format) but each of them finished with a message. Some more than one!

It included personal accounts, famous and not-so-famous tales, descriptions of general principles of love, luck, learning, and life. Thoughts and reflections would depict the chances of second-chance through different stories. The mystery of mysterious signs from nature. Lessons from past. Faithful hopes for future. And. The importance of prayers.

Surely I found my favorites. More than one. including — Ov books and libraries — where da author recounted that:

a book has ets Own journey to make and should not condemned to being stuck On a shelf.

and How do we survive? — Which es based on quite scientific issue where da author unfolded to da readers a realistic approach. Coelho compared the environments of old era and present. He pointed out that even though da old era (according to scientists) was unhygienic,

“we managed to survive with a few grazed knees and a few trauma. We not only survived, we look back nostalgically to the days when it was not a poison, when a child was expected to resolve any problems without outside help, getting into fights if necessary, and spending much of the day without any electronic toys, and, instead inventing games with friends.”

But there is one that I really adore much; Da cloud and da Sand dune.

Now being a bit statistical, this book contains 120 narratives. And have the most rare insights of a life fully lived. You could say the book is less fictitious. But it worked for me!

some enside sneak peek Ov my copy!

May you all explore the true essence of words Ov wisdom.

Happy reading! :)