Evening en da Church..

ett was getting late after da long-hectic day at office en da traffic-packed city but da sight Ov da church en Sadder, Karachi filled me with excitement.

da last thing I needed was a Question from my companion: “do you wanna.. ?”

and my response was equivalent to YES. “should give ett a try”.

ett was Obvious that because Ov da circumstances en big city Ol minority communities have concerns about their sacred places so there was little hope inside me; that as a complete strangers to da city, we’d no be allowed to get IN.

but I don’t wanted to give Up On childhood desire.

Yes, I’m badly fond Ov churches. and ever since after my college I was trying to have a chance like that.

da problem; ett was not just building. but I wanted to witness da church service and equally wanted to take part en that as One Ov Them.

and thankfully we got permitted just after some Queries

Da first sight inside da church room was da Cross, beautifully carved and designed with Emerald fluorescent light.

I knew my wrapped head en scarf was making me different from Others but managed to get seat en One Ov da last rows.

Ah! an-other blissful moment; da lady next to me was amazingly nice. who helped me bundle Ov Times (cos couple Ov times would be an understatement, I guess) when I was searching da references Ov sermons en da holy book en front Ov me. I really liked da idea Ov recommending descriptions en books with da Ongoing sermons.

another wonderful part Ov church services are Carols. believe! da music was so melodious that could automatically made One feel like tapping da hands On da front desk. and I Did that!

as well as I tried to sing along with those Carols (however I realized I was worse en that)

Da special service Ov that evening finished with a feast (which I found Out later that ett was specially Organized for that evening) but we chose to leave for home as ett was getting real late. with da hope that I’ll visit da church. Soon. Again.

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