what’s beautiful about today?

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

What’s beautiful about today?

I met a little girl on my way to work in public transport van. after a while, she asked if I’m going to study?

Job, I replied.

and I tried to explain my type of work.

I am a reporter. work in TV, not TV actually Newspaper. do you watch TV?

she nodded.

Watch News or Cartoon?

Cartoon, she smiled.

I asked her is she a student?

Yes. In fourth standard, she respond.

I replied, I’m also a student. 16th class.

though odd she felt with that big digit. I told her you should come to university too where you could study till 16th class.

when her bus stop came and she left with her companion, an older lady. she waved me a goodbye.

made my day.

I really wish she study till sixteenth and further & become something strong. apart from being a shy-yet-confident and curious girl she is! :)

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