How we hit 50,000 requests and doubled our userbase in just 9 weeks.

Dispatch is an app that lets you shop by chat. Just make a request and we’ll find, buy and deliver products from any store within an hour of your choice.

We’ve been growing incredibly fast since launching nine months ago and have just hit a major milestone. We’ve now handled 50,000 requests, and doubled our userbase in just the last 9 weeks. We are growing buyers by 13% average per week and sales by 21% average per week. Our buyers on average buy 2.6 times per week with an average spend of £308 per buyer per week, and our average order value has consistently been above £100 since launch.

So what’s the key to our growth?

Just build a great product that people want and love to use and you’re on to a winner. That’s it. There’s no secret, no crazy growth hack.

I truly believe the key to our fast growth is the fact that our customers love the product and are sharing it via word of mouth.

A lot of our users are really passionate about Dispatch. 😍 We have close to a 40% repeat purchase rate, and a lot of our regular buyers are already addicted and place an order almost every other day, having spent thousands of pounds on the app already.

Our mission at Dispatch is to automate life by making shopping as easy as texting a friend.

We think this is an important goal that will require a lot of dedication and effort behind the scenes over the next few years. Our amazing team is hard at work at developing artificial intelligence that assists our operators, partnering with stores to ensure even faster delivery times, and continuously enhancing the app with major features such as real-time order tracking.

We’re growing super fast but we’re still in our early days. We need to gear up to really scale the business to handle thousands of orders a day.

So how do we now plan on taking our growth to the next level?

1. Referrals

Referrals offer us a great way to incentivize our users to share the app with their friends and family. Offering free delivery on first orders helps convince people on the fence to try the app, and once they’ve seen how great the experience is we expect them to stay. 😎

2. Advertising

We’ve just put out a series of video commercials showcasing the app being used to order products from different stores, and aim to push our branding across many different online and offline channels.

3. Globalisation

We’re currently focused on strengthening our lead in London and investing to dominate across this great city, and then plan to launch in some of the busiest, major metropolitan cities of the world.

We look forward to the day when Dispatch is a household name. It’s what gets us up in the mornings and what motivates us to work harder everyday.
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