Curb your ambition.

Seems like you’re happy building a lifestyle business for yourself which is perfectly fine. Not sure why you’d advocate entrepreneurs to curb their ambition, most sacrifice a tremendous amount for the goal of making it big, and aren’t in it for making a tiny dent, but aspire to shake up the world. Seems like something a failed Vice Presidential candidate would say to kids in school “hey kids stop dreaming of becoming president it’s too hard, just focus on becoming a senator that’s all that you should do”. :)

To be honest from your status and fame as a startup founder and author many could argue that you’re being incredibly hypocritical in trying to temper young founders’ ambitions.

To startup founders around the world who want to create monopolies I would say triple your ambitions, it will help you find motivation when times get tough. For those who want to start lifestyle businesses listen to DHH, he has a successful one.