Taking a selfie with the President of Portugal

Lisbon Challenge October 2013

During the summer of 2013, I was incredibly fortunate to have my startup Lutebox accepted onto the Lisbon Challenge, a global accelerator that took on 75 startups from across the world in a bid to be Europe’s leading incubator program.

While there we had a unique opportunity present itself, to attend a showcase on entrepreneurship in Portugal with the guest of honor being none other than his excellency the President of Portugal Anibal Cavaco Silva. Always ready to grab an opportunity, I pushed myself to the front of the line and managed to be the second person to speak with the President. As soon as I told him about Lutebox our picture messaging app, his first question was, “Does it work?”

So to prove it to him, and sensing the best way to sneak a selfie with a President, I snapped a duo selfie just as his bodyguard took a few steps closer towards us.

Selfie using the Lutebox app on my iPhone

If I had a hat I would tip it in his direction. It will be rare to find a more outgoing, friendly, and down to earth head of state, who takes the time out to get to know more about tech entrepreneurs and their startups and who has the tech savviness to take a selfie.

Here’s to Lisbon, one of the future startup capitals of Europe.