Online Blood Bank #Megaproject

Our idea is to developing a Online Blood Bank. Mostly we have seen that people at emergency are asking for blood at social sites like Facebook or from their circle but at that situation they don’t have plenty of time and it is really difficult to arrange blood on that situation. So, my agenda is to providing a platform to that people where they can easily find their required blood.

For that purpose we will develop a website or Application where records of different hospital’s blood bank will available and we will also get a record of donors from Universities. We will ask from universities to give us a record of their students with contact number and blood group for this wonderful social cause. So, it will easy to get a required blood group at emergency situations.

In website there will be also a “Donate button” where any donor can able to donate blood in his/her selected date and time to recent available hospital.

We will divide this by giving the writing work to Miss Sana and We (Boys) will handle the Marketing work. There is two teams of boys (Haris and Dabeer) and (Ahmad, Muzamil and Shehraz).

We have contacted with our university’s (community support department) for details of students. firstly we will use our universities students as a liaison then gradually we will expand the donors list. Initially we will start from low scale then with the passage of time we will expand this platform.

For marketing purpose, we are creating a page of Online Blood Bank on Facebook. we will distribute brochure in hospitals for awareness of our website.

Challenges that we will face are i.e. creating awareness in people about the website, Advertisement and cost constraint will also create a challenge for us.

For next two weeks we will work on app, we will try to merge with hospital website as a recommendation.

I hope that this idea will minimize the problems of people related to blood.

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