My Shot at AI Generated Art with DALL-E

Syed Hadi
3 min readJul 27, 2022

After waiting long and hard, an invitation to create with DALL-E appeared in my email and here is my experience with the model.

DALL-E is a model developed by OpenAI that generates images from natural language descriptions. We’ve been hearing about AI generated art for some time and we’ve seen it’s ability to generate hyper-realistic images. So much so that OpenAI has restricted actual faces of people from appearing in any of the generated art. Imagine an AI generated image of a real world police officer accepting a bribe.

“a realistic image of a police officer taking money from a driver.”
“a realistic image of a police officer taking money from a driver.” Created by DALL-E

This police officer does not exist, it is a product of an AI model which I asked to generate a realistic image of a police officer taking a bribe. See the problem in the system if I could ask the AI model to use the face of an actual cop?

Now that we’ve seen what it is capable of doing, I’ll share some other artwork that I was able to create using DALL-E.

“schrodinger’s cat doing drugs”

“a man shredding a guitar on top of a fighter jet”

“A snake picking up dumbells. ”

“Two planets colliding in the sky over a city at night”

“a sufi astronaut dancing in space ”

“Lahore during a starry night. ”

“A camel driving a taxi in Lahore. ”

I didn’t quite get the results I was looking for, so let’s try this again.

“A camel driving a taxi in time square”

Notice the saddle on the taxi, —

“a teddy bear who is a barista at a gourmet restaurant ”

“Dall E shaking hands with Van Gogh ”