Cat Mario Game | Syobon Action Reviews & Wiki

Hello everyone if you are a lover of hardcore game then don’t worry you are on the right place. Today i am gonna share an awesome game with you that can lush you mind. People usually call this game Cat Mario but the real name of this game is Syobon Action. Cat Mario is an old school game created by a Japanese student in 2007 read down for more informations.

Cat Mario History

Cat Mario is a 1 player 2-D tremendous game. Cat mario developed by Chiku on 2007 on a college festival. Chiku Developed a few part of this game for this college festival but when he got some positive and awesome results from his teachers and his class fellows also appreciate him, then he decided to develop a complete game. There are six levels of cat mario game and each level have a lot of traps and many crazy bosses. So you need to understand the game first then go and play cat mario.

Cat Mario Wiki

You need to play this game with a white little cat on some unfair stages because this game is the base of booby traps and you can’t believe anyone. All stages have different rules and different way to clear. If you think you had cleared 1st stage and can clear others easily then you are totally wrong. Each stage have different taps and different bosses. Your stage can fall down on you cat. The place can go when you land your cat on a good area, as everyone thinks that this is a perfect area for stand. You food can be a boss and it can kills you so be careful. When you are facing these troubles then you can feel that the music is so spicy LoL but it can’t be. The music of this game can disturb you in first time. But after super pass some stages you can realize that this is a perfect sound for this game. The graphics are HD but a bit up and down because this is a simple platform HD but rough graphics game. The graphics of this game is so cool but these all are bit rough and you can’t change the graphics of game. But the last thing is you need to be more cleaver then the stage and it’s traps.

Cat Mario Reviews

Cat Mario generally gets 3 to 4 stars from people who play this game. I personally rate this game 4 stars. I don’t like it’s graphics and sound but I like the idea behind development of this game. It’s all about difficulty and frustration. It’s kind of annoying but addictive as well. Leave your feedback after playing this game at official site.