I recently created a web app that can be used to send and recieve focused recognition with a simple URL. Wanted to take some time to share my journey building this product from scratch.


As a side project junkie, I mostly work on screen designs and interactive prototypes. Instead of doing another interactive prototype, this time, I wanted to create a product that people could actually use. That means doing end-to-end product work which will consist of discovery & framing, early prototypes, branding & visual design, development & deployment, and product marketing. …

With the advent of new and innovative design tools, designers can now simulate a more complete experience of the product in the prototyping stage. Instead of presenting static clickable screens for user feedback, designers can now mimic the experience of a polished app that includes complex user interactions and real-time data.

Why does that matter? Isn’t a static clickable prototype sufficient? Honestly, it might be, it all depends what type of product you are working on. That being said, hi-fi interactive prototypes give users a peek of what the actual product will look and feel like, which allows them to…

Concept application for buying, spending, and trading digital currency worldwide with ease.

The Ideal Scenario

Imagine you traveled to France, on your way back from the Eiffel tower you stop at a coffee store. You order a fancy espresso and pull out your phone to pay for it. Instead of using the likes of Visa or MasterCard, you pay with your digital/crypto assets (bitcoin, litecoin, etc). Your transaction is processed within seconds and you did not have to go through a bank or pay a hefty exchange fee. The transaction is fast, secure, and is completed between you and coffee shop without the need of a middleman (bank) watching over it. …

What if devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home were able to give you visual feedback? What would that experience look like for you? How could you put it to use? For this month’s installment in the Fun Product Idea series, I decided to explore some concepts around that.

Instead of viewing information on a small screen (hello echo dot) what if a device like echo can project visual cues in your home environment? Personally, a use case for me would be to view traffic information in the morning. Alexa gives you the general traffic info you need such as…

Howdy folks, welcome to this month’s installment of the Fun Product
Idea series.

It all started when, one of my co-workers was telling me that over the weekend, she was taking a stroll with her friends in Downtown Detroit and noticed a crowd gathering around her at an intersection. Everyone seemed excited to take selfies with a “middle-aged gentlemen wearing a cool hat” next to her and she was confused as to why? She later found out that “middle-aged gentlemen wearing a cool hat” was Kid Rock.

I am making a commitment to come up with at least one fun (maybe a little crazy, depending on your definition of fun) product ideas per month from now on. Call it the Fun Product Idea series.

With the recent advent of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology, comes the opportunity for us Designers to propose creative solutions to the common problems people face in their day to day.

Designer/Gamer/Ping Pong enthusiast. Getting better at life!

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