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Like the Word “MIDDLE FINGER to DEMOCRACY” with “TRUMP “ as “PRESIDENT -ELECT” and His “THREE CHILDREN and SON-IN-LAW “JARED KUSHNER as “TRUMP’S PERSONAL ADVISOR” or “UN-ELECTED CO-COUNCEL” ?? What They Are Actually ? Look like “AMERICA “ The World’s Largest Democracy of the World is something “LAUGHING STOCK” ?

Where we are ? Where is America Heading NEXT ? Is USA is now the Latest “TRUMP BUSSINESS Entepreneuer ? or Something Like that ? Or Something Else ? “TRUMP “ can take the Full Credit for “PRESIDENTIAL WIN” on NOV 8 over (D) HILLARY, no matter How He WIN either with “RUSSIA,PUTIN ,KGB CYBER HECKING of DNC, “WIKIE LEAKE and Julian Asange and Finally by the REOPENING of “ E-MAIL” story of REP.ANTHONY WEINERS “SEXTING “ Scandal on OCT 28 ,2016 just few days Before NOV 8, by FBI DIRECTOR JAMES COMEY (R) or Whatever ? American Voters 47% DID NOT VOTE , and other 25.7% VOTED for “TRUMP” and Another 25.3 % VOTED for “HILLARY “ and “TRUMP WIN” Marginally with 279 ELECTORATE vs HILLARY 228 ELECTORATE and “TRUMP” is the “PRESIDENT ELECT” of 330 Millions of Americans and How he Govern remains to be Seen . Before him 44 other MAN was ELECTED PRESIDENT and “TRUMP” can be COMPARED with them with his Qualification and Merit and will be JUDGED” what Histry will Tell and JUDGE. GOOD LUCK AMERICA and its “ANGRY WHITE” Voters — — -

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