Khudi and Self Learning

In Edhi sb’s book, he shared incident that when one rich businessman opened dispensary near his home. He took active part to mobilize medicines and first aid from that dispensary to help needy patients. He would then running back and forth collecting medicines and delivering it all over the village .On the way people would catch me on streets and throw him up in air .He would roam the streets looking for handicapped people , when he found someone ,he would run back for supplies , he would run with full speed , taking shortcuts and shouting “Move away , Move away , its emergency” This was perfect example of Amal to help other people and to show full commitment to your cause with full determination . I will relate this example with time when Earthquake of 2005 hit Pakistan causing thousands of casualties, Millions of people lost their home and they were in open air in cold weather of October. I was in Grade 5 at that time .I took initiative with my friend to collect charity for those victims from our town . I was living in G-9/1 Islamabad, I knew that people here are well off to contribute, just need some forum so that they can come forward and to help out their Pakistani brothers. So I went door to door to collect money from more than 50 homes and at the end I was able to collect around 500 rupees and we submitted it to Prime Minister earthquake charity account. In this whole activity I received lots of blessing from elders and appreciation from people. So instead of relying on each other , I did Amal to take initiative to come forward to help needy people , It gave great feeling of satisfaction that I did something in my capacity to help earthquake victims .

#juststart : To Learn Spanish language

I was thinking for long time to learn Spanish Language There are few reasons that I opted for Spanish over other language. Firstly I am die hard football fan, passionately follow it and really admire Barcelona and Messi, to enjoy the coverage of their matches in Spanish, I wanted to learn Spanish . Secondly I took some inspiration from Spanish songs, one of my favorite is Ricky Martin’s Maria . and lastly I read somewhere that learning new language is good for mental health. I also searched for some facts regarding Spanish and I was amazed when I came to know that Spanish is the third most-spoken language in the world, after Mandarin Chinese and English. Roughly half a billion people speak Spanish, which is spoken on four continents, is an official language of 20 countries and one of the official language (along with English) of U.S.

Following are the three task to accomplish this goal of learning Spanish .

Task 1 : To find relevant material and books of Spanish

I googled to find related books and found out following books are helpful .

Easy Spanish Step by Step by Barbara Bregstein .

Schaum’s Outline Spanish Grammar (6th Ed)

Spanish Demystified, Second Edition by Jenny Petrow

Task 2 : To Join Facebook Groups and make a account on Duolingo .
 Following are links to some Spanish learning Facebook groups .

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 
 Duolingo is also very helpful website to learn foreign languages , it is easy to use and understand.

Task 3 : Commitment to Myself 
 I made promise to myself that at the end of Amal’s 3 month fellowship and I will try to become moderate Speaker of Spanish . In Sha Allah

Apart from that I also started making hand written notes on Spanish from different online sources .Following are some images to the progress uptill now.

P.S : On a lighter note , I will like to share a video to show that how much crazy Pakistanis are for Spanish songs now a days . Link