EDHI SB; A man who accomplished khuddi

A man who spent his whole life from his childhood till now for the service of humanity whose life is full of examples he made for the service of humanity. Who spent one paisa for himself and one for needy. From his childhood he was given the lesson of humanity from his parents. He left school life in his childhood and start working in a shop. He spent most of their money to help poor people. According to him it was his mother that developed this habit in him.

His mother says “it is charity only when your left hand doesn’t know what the right has given. When respect of receiver is foremost”.

His mother also developed habit of saving money. As this result, when he worked on shop and also sold pencils in streets, he saved money and used it to buy shares in a company and also bought a small ambulance for the needy people and to provide quick service to hospital.

My and Edhi sb thinking are correlating, I also want to do something beneficial for humanity but I am unable to find the way, how to start this because I don’t have such support which Edhi sb had from his family, also Edhi sb started his work from his childhood and now he is on that supreme position and he set examples for many peoples who want to serve humanity. We learnt a lot of things from his life, which consists of hardworking, selfless and a man who finds his purpose in the early stages of his life.

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