Every creature in the earth has some purpose to live and bring a specific task to perform in this life. No one in this world is without any purpose and they are willing to achieve their goals but they firstly faced difficulties to set their targets, what they should do. No one came in this world on his own wish, similarly no one will leave this life when he wants, similarly he has given limited authority in between the life entering and leaving this world. In this short and priceless life he should set his goals and try his best to achieve it.

I am also one of them who is sent to this world and assign me a specific role to perform in this journey but I took a lot of time to set my target goal and even to know my responsibilities, why I am here, how I passed this mysterious life, no one completely satisfying me, initially I thought that to pass it as it is going, but with time when I started thinking and research about the different creatures around us how they are playing their role and everyone has assign a particular task. Then I realized that I am not here just to pass the time and gone, my responsibilities are very much more than any other creatures in this planet.
 My goal of life is the most common but unknown. I want to do to something for the benefits of human being in such a way that people remember me with good things after my life. But what I should do, I don’t know. I should have some of the initial qualities or requirements for this mysterious goal.

Firstly I should be independent; secondly I need more interactions with different nature people. I should have a group of people achieving same goal as I wanted.

The first step which I am doing nowadays and I want to continue it in future is to know about the thinking of people from different societies and areas, to know what actually human nature wants. For that purpose I make relation with different people from different areas. My future steps will be to make a small team of friends who have similar objective as I.

The main challenge which I am facing is to select my way, from where and how I start my work.