This is only the beginning…

For some time now, I have been meaning to write but I just couldn’t make any time for it. I have been looking for a chance to pour my thoughts down on my keyboard about almost everything — my personal life, my beliefs, things that I am passionate about, my profession and things that I want to discuss, learn and gain knowledge about — in short, its about anything and everything.

Before I start rambling about things, let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Syed Rayhan Tarique. I am a 30 year old Bangladeshi born male whose family originates from Hyderabad, India. I am a PR Communications expert — currently holding a Managerial position at the largest PR agency of the country. I am a double major graduate with focus on Human Resource Management and Marketing.

I started off my career at one of the largest conglomerate of the country. I was a part of their Distribution team looking after the newly launched SMF Battery section. Then I was a part of The Daily Star’s e-learning initiative for a very brief period of time. I left the job and started moving back and forth from Dhaka to UAE due to personal reasons. This continued for almost a year until I decided to settle down back in Dhaka. So I finally applied in this PR Agency and joined as an entry level executive.

So 5 years, a divorce, a few pounds and a string of unimaginable sacrifices later, I am currently managing a PR Communications team as a part of a renowned PR Agency of the largest Communications Agency of the country for the largest telecommunication and digital service provider of the country. I have a habit of making elaborative communications strategies & plans and micro-managing them to the very tiniest of execution details. I am a workaholic and pay the price for that with my failed social reputation.

I am an AIESEC alumni from Bangladesh and I strongly believe that my AIESEC experience has changed my life and has given me a renewed perspective towards responsibility and professionalism. I am also a car enthusiast and I love listening to music, I wish I knew how to play the guitar — may be I will learn someday. I love jogging/running and I like reading books. Since 1996, I started watching soccer, English Premier League (to be more precise)and I am a huge supporter of Manchester United — I do not think any other soccer team even comes close to their greatness. I like cricket and I support the Pakistani Cricket Team. Sometimes when I am very bored, I doodle in a blank page. I like to keep myself updated with the latest news on technology and digitalization. I also love to do my own research on how politics works across the world — how certain Govt.(s) and military take steps or introduces policies just to fulfill or support their own agendas (I like connecting the dots on foreign policies, war profiteering, drug displacement and etc.). I believe that social organisations actually work more for their own interests than the society – every thing is treated as a business case at the end of the day (trust me, I would love to be proven wrong about this!). I think every thing is interrelated and a consequence of the decisions that we make in our lives. But there are four steps that I blindly follow and have embedded them in my mind’s core. The following are the steps.

1. Dream: Always dream big. Get into the habit of thinking big and dreaming big. I personally believe that if you do not start thinking or dreaming big then you will never be able to meet the high standards or be able set new standards. If your standards are high then your quality is also high. Remember quality should be above everything else.

2. Strive: Work hard. There is no alternative or easy solution to working hard. Give your best. Give your all to achieve your big dreams. Do whatever you have to, take risks, hustle like there is no tomorrow. You will face failures and obstacles while you are it. Trust me, it’s all a part of this little game. Don’t be disheartened with your failures, do not give up, take each of your failures as learnings and strive harder.

3. Achieve: Make every little feat count to achieve your dreams to the fullest. There is nothing called partial achievement. Nothing is achieved until and unless it is achieved 100%. Once achieved, feel good, be proud about yourself but only to yourself, otherwise, be very very humble about your successes – it’s important you keep your feet to the ground at all times and be willing to give the same effort over and over again.

4. Repeat: The moment you achieve your dream, take a deep breath and give yourself some time to build a quiet moment of appreciation and renewed confidence. Once done, set your sight to achieving a bigger dream than what you have just achieved. Then “Repeat” step no.1, 2 and 3 again.

Hope this will help you. But more than anything else, I hope this habit will help me get my thoughts across to everyone. Any feedback will be taken as a positive feedback and is highly encouraged. Let’s see where I can take this.

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