A New Dream

“ A New Dream”. Those words sprung out from the side of the magnificent third tower of the famed Centaurus mall in Islamabad. For me, it was a sign. A sign from a higher power that yes, this is indeed a new dream and this was my destiny. The reason why I felt so attracted to those words which were merely an advertisement for a 4G mobile service in Pakistan was because I had arrived in the country to chase a long held dream of mine. To join the army and defend the country from all its threats, both internal and external.

However I realized that that path was not meant for someone like me. While I loved the idea of a military life, I felt I had an enormous amount of passion and love that I could offer to the more downtrodden segments of my country through different avenues.

Hence I decided to start a system of schools in the country, aiming to impart tolerant and progressive education on a burgeoning population that so desperately needs to focus on developing their inner and outer selves.

A New Dream, not one that I had anticipated, but a new dream nonetheless. As someone close to me said, “ Life happens when you’re busy planning things”. How true.

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