Part 1

“It is the charity only when your left hand doesn’t know what the right hand has given. When the respect of the receiver is foremost.” This is the quote I think made one of the most charitable person on the planet earth. This quote by Eidhi saab’s mother is the foundation of such a generous person. This is something I can relate to my life as well as my mother always told me that humanitarianism is above all religions. We should help others without discriminating them on the basis of caste, creed, color, religion, sect or any other thing. We should respect the receivers, should help them as God is helping us and blessing us without any discrimination. We should also take care that we won’t hurt their feelings or make them realize that they are less than us in any manner. All these advises helped me instilling love and respect for humanity in me just like Eidhi saab instilled in him though I am not a humanitarian of his caliber probably due to the absorbing power of Eidhi saab was much better than mine but I can relate this story as we both are taught by our mothers to love humanity, help the needy and respect them as well. I learned many things from this story of Eidhi saab. Some of them are as follow

· The first and the foremost is that mothers have a great influence on their children and as Napoleon says “Give me an educated mother, I shall promise you the birth of a civilized, educated nation.” Mother is the best teacher one can have in life.

· The second one is that we should respect every human being if someone is needy and you help him then you should try to help him in a way that his self-respect remains intact.

Mother-the best teacher one can have

Part 2

Sorry- the most powerful word

“Sometimes a single sorry can heal great wounds” my just start was saying sorry to a special person in my life.

“I have a hero I call him dad” the reason I am sharing my story with you guys is I wanted to lessen the guilt in me that I have kept in myself over the years and that saddens me every now and then. Parents are a blessing but we do not value them and often insult them most of the time unknowingly and some of the time knowingly but their love for us never ends. As we all know usually sons are closer to their mothers and they stay away from their dads especially in their teen age but I can say that I belong to some of the boys who remain close to their dads in their teenage as well though I was closer to my mother and still I am.

The most basic challenge that I faced in the past was communication gap between me and my father although we were close yet I never have enough courage to go to him and say sorry. I also had not have such a platform before so thanks Amal. I also feared that if I say sorry he will definitely ask for a reason which I couldn’t give so I always said let it be.

If someone asks me that how did u do that thing despite all of your fears so I really don’t have any answer for it. I didn’t identify any kind of task actually I was just full of embarrassment and I wanted to say sorry but never got a chance so as soon as I got that opportunity I pounced on it.

The experience was quite awesome as I realized that once more that parents are so amazing personalities, so generous and how much they love their child regardless of child’s attitude, they keep on loving him/her and that’s a wonderful thing so we should also respect them. The challenges I faced doing it was again communication barrier I was blank how to start as no one can simply go to anyone and say “Excuse me! I am sorry.” but then I remembered “Just start.”

What I learned from this whole activity is sorry seems a very small word but it has amazing powers that can melt anyone’s heart especially a parent’s heart. So it’s not a bad thing to say sorry if one has done something wrong one should be brave enough to accept it and apologize for it. Ego is a thing that can ruin any relation so have self-respect but never let it transform into ego because that would be lethal not only for you but also for your loved ones as well.

To be honest I also have some ego issues that was also one of the reasons that I couldn’t do this earlier but I am working on it and for future I hope to root that out of myself and will take care that I won’t do anything in my life for which I have to be sorry especially from my parents.

my DAD my hero
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