The Aftermath

More than a month after I returned from Indonesia, I return to Medium, almost right before the second blog entry is due for class. Classic me.

The two and a half weeks I spent in Indonesia were absolutely incredible. While I was there, I tried to maintain a journal to record the events of each day. I was very good at it for the first couple weeks, but that effort soon deteriorated and fell off completely (the last week or so is missing completely).

My project won’t be on traditional culture, but rather modern culture. Modern culture is most relevant today, and it is what I experienced firsthand. I concede that traditional culture still plays a heavy hand in all modern cultures, and I’ll cover history to the extent that it still influences the culture of today.

Anyway, I’ve decided to approach this lack of written record by relying on three different sources: the journal, my memory, and asking my friends to forward me messages from back then, because although I did not write in my journal sometimes, I wrote sporadically to my friends about whatever was going on at the time. From those three sources, I will draw most, if not all cultural phenomena I encountered while there and research the causes, origins, et cetera of those cultural phenomena.

My presentation will be both a retelling of my trip, and an explanation of Indonesia’s modern culture, including language, recreation, cuisine, customs, religion and philosophy and anything else I found. Hopefully, someone will learn something from it.