Turkey Won, and Lost, the Race to Al Bab
War Is Boring

Reference to 3,000 rebel fighters belonging to a handful of Turkish backed named groups highlights the fact that the civil war in Syria was not a popular uprising for civil rights but rather a series of armed insurgencies backed by western, Arab & Turkish masters.

The west persists in calling these groups moderate rebels but they are all violent murders. Two of those “MODERATE” groups named in this article are known to have executed women & children in Aleppo & Idlib province.

12-year-old Abdullah Issa who was photographed pleading for his life before being beheaded was the victim of Turkish backed Harakat Noureddin Az Zenghi (aka Nur al Zenki).

In addition civilians who escaped from East Aleppo identified that the White Helmets behaved as Death Squads and were responsible for many executions. At least two of those photographed beheading a 12 year old boy in Aleppo have been identified as members of the White Helmets who were backed by funding from the British Government.

Also the Turkish backed Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham massacred hundreds of unarmed women & children in May 2016


So whenever I hear somebody use the term “regime forces” about Syria, I instantly know that they back terrorist groups who massacre women & children.

Not Cool

The Syrian Government was elected by 83% of the popular vote in 2014 and if rebels did not participate then maybe that has more to do with their total disrespect for democracy & human life.