How do you describe a university library? Is it a full row of books? Is it a full row of thesis? Or is it a place where you find a comfortable corner doing your task? Or even just having and enjoying a full provided internet access?

I used to be in my past college’s library for gathering with my friend, having an internet access only for 1 hour by the provided computer only for opening a facebook.

Yaa.. it was the end of 2009 when I was firstly introduced to internet without having my own laptop.

In this second, I prefer to use my own laptop to have an internet access wherever and whenever.

Mcd, corner, Alfamart, Indomart and this My latest new library for 2 years since the end 2014.

I enjoy downloading any e-book, doc, music even a movie by means of library’s free-wifi.

Unfortunately, I can’t enjoy it more now as it is under reconstruction.. I, then, prefer to do and finish my task instead of using free-wifi in this library.

1/29/2015 at a corner of Pasca Unesa Library room

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