Self Driving Cars Are Not “Five Years Away.”
John Battelle

My disagreement with your article is one of scale: In your opening paragraph, you’re automatically setting up the scenario in a suburban(-ish) setting. I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Where I do see the beginning of self-driving cars within the next five years are on Interstates and other limited access highways. Where the distances driven are long, the boredom terminal, and the situation is as controlled as possible. Little chance of jaywalking, no chance whatsoever of children playing Pokemon Go in the middle of the pavement, etc.

And this is where I’m looking forward to self-driving automobiles: For those annual or bi-annual trips from Richmond, VA to St. Augustine, FL or Bangor, ME. The local back roads in the Richmond/Ashland area? No way in hell, and you can keep your automation where the roads are twisty and well-rewarding for a competently handled small car with a turbocharged four cylinder engine and five speed manual transmission. I’ll drive those myself, thank you very much.

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