Gifts-of-Being From Sensible-Self

There’s also a perspective that thoughts and feelings are like the weather and that there really is no need to change them, just observe them. Eventually, they will change. Always moving always transforming. It’s often the struggling to change our state that leads to more trouble…” — Darin Samaha

Yes, that is so. There’s a bit More to it. “…there is always More.” :D If we struggle to change our State-of-Being in *Opposition* to how we are, then it typically leads to trouble. But why? Why are we not free to *Choose* how to be?

We of course *are* free to Choose how-to-be. But!, there is always a but. But we have to *First* learn how to not only BE, but how to Be in all the various ways. We have to learn how to BE in those ways that are *NOT* the ones we choose. This seems counter-intuitive.

When we look at those States-of-Being that have come to us, have come at us, have come upon us, and from which we want to “escape,” we have to ask ourselves *WHY* they are there. Why has this State-of-Being come to us?

When we realise those Ways-of-Being have come to us as a *GIFT,* that is when it all changes. Then we observe, pay Attention, figure out and otherwise Come-to-Understanding. This is the point of it all. Then we see what it is that we *need* to learn.

It is the necessity to Come-to-Awareness that is the primary issue. Once we have that Awareness and Understanding of what is involved, then our Sate-of-Being ends up changing all by itself, moving on to what’s next and what is Appropriate.

The essential perspective is to know that Appropriateness is almost always in the Context of Learning and Growth, of Developing and Enhancing Awareness. Once we bring this Perspective into play, it changes everything.

Now that struggle becomes a Gift-of-Learning. Now what comes, Makes Sense. Now what comes is there for a purpose and has meaning. Now what comes seems like it has been sent by ourselves, albeit a much more sensible version of ourselves. Perhaps if we like, we could think of it as Future-Self trying to help make things just that much easier and quicker when it comes to our Personal Growth, if only we will learn the lessons it sends. :) :D

Once we Understand, Resolution follows.” — Biella Noble (For Comments)