Introducing the Creature Community, raptorsaurs are creatures too.

A couple years ago, when we created the Raptorsaur Community, we couldn’t think of a name. We knew the name Raptorsaur was a little confusing. Raptorwhonow? But it was weird and funny, and since two more beers didn’t inspire a better name, we called it a night and ordered business cards.

The name Raptorsaur had a good run, but I’m excited for a change. I’ve just had too many phone calls that went something like this:

*Raptorwhonow?* Yeah, Rap-tor-saur. Like a raptor, you know, the dinosaur..

Yeah. I won’t miss that.

So, Creature. That’s the new name! I like it. And most people say that’ve liked it too. If you hate it, that’s cool too. You can still be a raptorsaur if you want. After all, raptorsaurs are creatures too.

To celebrate the name change, here’s a recap of the last couple years.

Initially, Raptorsaur was just a chat group on Slack. The community grew to a broad mix of folks. We started new channels to share gigs, brainstorm ideas, plan events, and laugh at #stuff-omar-likes.

Raptorsaur become more active in the “real world” when we started organizing events like this portfolio review event. These events were a great way to meet folks in the design community.

A portfolio review event sponsored by Behance and Raptorsaur. We were very grateful to ustwo for hosting us.

And last spring, we rented our first office studio to call home. It’s bright and sunny and has views of the East River. I love it. As an independent freelancer, I feel lucky to have this home base where I can work with friends every day.

The “Raptorsaur Nest”, now aka “Creature Studio”

The Raptorsaur highlight for me this year was winning a project pitch to work with the New York Academy of Medicine. The NYAM is a non-profit promoting healthy cities and better lives through public access to their historic medical library. Our project was to design an interactive installation for their lobby that will showcase their historic collection of ancient books. This was the first project we pitched as a Raptorsaur team drawing from our network’s talent. It was a challenging project. We learned a lot and I feel proud of the work we did. NYAM is now using our design to seek funding and we hope to see it get built in the near future.

So what does the future look like for Creature? Come shape it with us!

We have some open desks in our studio. And our slack channel is always open.

Thanks for all the inspiration.

Sunset out the windows at Creature Studio. Sometimes film crews film in the parking lot.