Mathematics without history is soulless
Junaid Mubeen

This text was really interesting and intriguing! As someone who just gained her A-Levels (or Abitur, as it is called where I live), I completeley understand your point. I was entranced everytime my father told me about some achievements older cultures gained centuries or even further ago without the technology we have today and I was more than just disappointed to not talk about things like that in school. Maths became a “boring” subject, where I just had to accept certain things in order to be good and I find that really troubling. Of course, some subtle things are above the level any pupil or even student could (yet) understand but the history part is (in my point of view) the more fascinating part of mathematics — HOW people got to know something and HOW the improved their knowledge instead of only the simple usage of something.
I loved reading your article, it was truly fascinating (and I hope I didn’t make TOO many mistakes here… if so, I’m truly sorry ><)!

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