Being Noble

Chapter 7. Being Noble

“It is the School *OF* Nobility. Not the School *For* Nobility. Nobility, Nobleness, is not a given. No-one is entitled to it. It is available to anyone. The School Of Nobility is open to anyone, from anywhere, of any age, at any time, for this reason. The pursuit and acquisition of Nobility is a Process. An ongoing Process. One no New Noble ever ceases. Nobility is something we have to acquire for ourselves. Nobility is an Awareness, and like Awareness, it is something we have to do for ourselves. Nobility can be learned, but it cannot be taught. We have to acquire Nobility *for* ourselves. This does not mean we have to do it *By* ourselves. The process is greatly enhanced when we do so in association with others. When we share, when we co-operate, collaborate, interact with fellow journeyers doing the same. When we are simply in the presence of others undertaking this profound activity, it makes a difference. But, it is always a matter of Personal Predilection. Always. Because Choosing the Noble is a Free Choice. It is not something we *have* to do. That is what makes it Noble.”

- From: The Perpetual Aspirant

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